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How to be a Smart Woman in STEM - #SCIENCE #TECHNOLOGY #ENGINEERING #MATH - cover

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Gabriela Mueller Mendoza

Publisher: Panoma Press

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The  world needs more women in STEM!  
Increasing the presence of women in STEM is a business imperative. It is key to encourage women to study these fields and to go for jobs in STEM, it is a smart business decision. When women climb the leadership ladder, they add tremendous value to the organisation they work for and become role models for the next generation of women.
Keeping smart women in STEM careers and getting them promoted is a number one priority for diversity leadership expert Gabriela Mueller Mendoza.
This book is a goldmine of ideas and strategies to achieve that as we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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    If you have totally no experience with social media or if you are still wondering how and why you should use social media to promote your website, then you may want to continue reading to find out more about the power of social media and how you can benefit from it.
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