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Gabriel Wolf

Publisher: Arte Tenebrarum Publishing

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What would you do
... in a world where people are killing each other on a daily basis?
... in a world where you cannot trust your own family? 
... in a world where even children are not safe?
... in a world where your colleagues steal from you every day, or they attack you, just because they had a rough morning?
... in a world where no one will protect you?
... when instead of protecting you, the government starts bombing your city?
Where would you hide from all these threats?
Where would you hide from an atomic bomb?
There is nowhere to hide from that; well, at least not in this world.
But there is another one, that most people don’t know about.
There is a world behind the mirror.This story was written by a guy who was born and lives in Hungary.
Part of this writing is autobiographical, the rest is science fiction (with an artistic touch of horror and humor too).

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