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Dance with the Dead - cover

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Dance with the Dead

Gabriel Wolf

Publisher: Arte Tenebrarum Publishing

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This story is about a psychopath. This killer does terrible things with good intentions in an apocalyptic world, filled with zombies.He manipulates people, lets others down and lies to good people to avoid further troubles!No one knows what kind of a person he is. No one knows what he’s capable of, and there are people who’ll only learn the answer to these questions from their own misfortune!There is only one man who’s probably capable of stopping him at the end of his rampaging journey... a dangerous man who’s not an easy case either.He’s been through Hell; he actually still lives there from a certain point of view…He’s “the Devil” himself!He’s someone the killer wasn’t prepared for!Who is the real psychopath then?This story is about the final showdown of two psychopaths in the middle of a zombie apocalypse!This is a fast-paced thrill ride, full of suspense and unexpected, great twists!It’s like a journey on a speeding, runaway train that goes directly to Hell!...literally!

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    --Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (re Once Gone) 
    WATCHING (The Making of Riley Paige—Book One) is book #1 in a new psychological thriller series by #1 bestselling author Blake Pierce, whose  free bestseller Once Gone (Book #1) has received over 1,000 five star reviews. 
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    Book #2 in THE MAKING OF RILEY PAIGE series is also now available!
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    Two separate crimes, two tragic outcomes.  
    Jacques Rouleau has moved to Kingston to look after his father and take up the position of head of the town’s Criminal Investigations Division. One hot week in late September, university student Leah Sampson is murdered in her apartment. In another corner of the city, Della Munroe is raped by her husband. At first the crimes appear unrelated, but as Sergeant Rouleau and his new team of officers dig into the women’s pasts, they discover unsettling coincidences. When Kala Stonechild, one of Rouleau’s former officers from Ottawa, suddenly appears in Kingston, Rouleau enlists her to help. 
    Stonechild isn’t sure if she wants to stay in Kingston, but agrees to help Rouleau in the short term. While she struggles with trying to decide if she can make a life in this new town, a ghost from her past starts to haunt her. 
    As the detectives delve deeper into the cases, it seems more questions pop up than answers. Who murdered Leah Sampson? And why does Della Monroe’s name keep showing up in the murder investigation? Both women were hiding secrets that have unleashed a string of violence. Stonechild and Rouleau race to discover the truth before the violence rips more families apart.
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    I’ve dated this kind of bad guy before. 
    Is Wilder different? Or is he far darker, far more mysterious, and far more criminal than I ever could have imagined.
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