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A Hundred Silences - cover

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A Hundred Silences

Gabeba Baderoon

Publisher: Kwela

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A Hundred Silencesis the third collection of poetry by Gabeba Baderoon – recipient of the DaimlerChrysler Award for South African Poetry in 2005. In this new selection of poems the poet explores how every room has its own silences, its own memories and secrets. She speaks of the quiet, gnawing loneliness of hotel rooms in ‘Sleeping in hotels’, of the ache of longing and how sometimes ‘love is in the going away’. She also does not steer away from what is not said, from the silences between words, and how anger can spark ‘the taste of blood never too far ... eyes watchful/heavy as bruises’. It is an eloquent, tender collection of poetry, affirming Baderoon as one of the most exciting new voices in South African writing.
Available since: 05/29/2012.

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    “A passionate, arresting, and entertaining book of verse . . . The images are vivid and the voice is honest and powerful” (Stephen King).   This is the debut collection of poetry by singer/songwriter Ryan Adams, acclaimed for albums including Cardinology, Cold Roses, and Prisoner. His work in this volume rings with emotional authenticity—and provides perhaps an even deeper insight into the man than is revealed through the songs that have resonated with fans the world over.   “Ryan Adams writes with equal parts precision and recklessness; the blood he draws from the text is easily as unnerving as its unapologetic tenderness. He is proof that poetry will find its writer.” —Mary-Louise Parker   “Infinity Blues is Ryan Adams at his personal, unforgettable best. Strong and beautiful and funny and pure. Like all his work, it’s soul poetry of the highest order.” —Cameron Crowe   “This is much better than reading a friend’s journal. It’s more like watching somebody you love in the bathtub talking to himself. You’re like, wow, he’s even good at taking a bath. After reading Infinity Blues (which I think is a great title), I give Ryan Adams the best compliment I ever got—and the only reason for reading anyone’s poetry. Ryan, I really like your mind.” —Eileen Myles
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    In England the Victorian Age was about to become the past and a new age of worldwide wars of horror and slaughter would envelop and decimate generations, forever staining mankind.   
    The Century would see the World discover strengths. The Democracies would stand firm against Fascism and later Communism yet still keep its own elite and privileged in power and the rest of us underfoot. 
    The World was more connected than ever before.  Culture accelerated its kaleidoscopic and interwoven journey. Transport delivered people by car and train and then aeroplane to far flung corners of the globe.  Empires were at their zenith and ready to fragment with new nations, many troubled, rising from their decay. 
    The natural world continued to be plundered and pillaged for its resources by industries who pledged ‘more’ and ‘better’ and would clothe and feed a growing world yet sow the seeds now ready to devastate us in our current times. 
    The globe was as vibrant and violent as troubled and tarnished as it ever was.  But new ideas, new political systems, new times changed everything once again. 
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    55 - A Dream Lies Dead by Dorothy Parker<p
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  • The House of Bernarda Alba (NHB Classic Plays) - cover

    The House of Bernarda Alba (NHB...

    Gabriel García Lorca

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    García Lorca's drama about the shattering effects of emotional repression on a family of cloistered daughters, in a version by playwright Rona Munro for the critically acclaimed Shared Experience Theatre Company.
    When Bernarda's husband dies, she locks all the doors and windows. She tells her grown-up daughers to sew and be silent. 'There are eight years of mourning ahead of us. While it lasts not even the wind will get into this house.' But locks can't hold back the growing tide of desire...
    Rona Munro's version of The House of Bernarda Alba was first staged by Shared Experience Theatre Company at Salisbury Playhouse in March 1999 before a UK tour.
    'Rona Munro's new translation is vigorous and direct' - Sunday Telegraph
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    The Damon Runyon Theatre Hour.  Damon Runyon is acknowledged as one of the great writers to come out of twentieth century America.  Runyon's short stories are almost always told in the first person by a narrator who is never named, and whose role is unclear; he knows many gangsters and has no job that can be gleaned from his musings, nor does he admit to any criminal involvement; He’s a bystander, an observer, an average street-corner Joe.  Runyon described himself as "being known to one and all as a guy who is just around".  That line seems to say a lot about Runyon and his life.  It was like you were with him on some street corner hustle or some shady dive and he was filling you in on all the angles, all the gossip, all of life. He was who so many people wanted to be with……or so many people wanted to be.  Of course, the cliché about newspapermen and writers is that they are heavy drinkers, chain-smokers, gamblers and obsessively chase women with a sideline in the gathering of stories and facts and actually getting something written just before the deadline hits. That seems like Damon Runyon and his life summed up in one sentence.  His stories became legendary ways of looking that bit differently at America, of soaking up the atmosphere of a glamorous and rip-roaring age and distilling it into a black and white type or, in our case, The Damon Runyon Theatre Hour.
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  • A Cemetery for Holes - cover

    A Cemetery for Holes

    Tom Prime, Gary Barwin

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    In A Cemetery for Holes, poetic language bends and breaks, resists and reforms under the stress of family trauma. Consensual reality shifts with nonconsensual harm. It is this history of violence which is ultimately, confronted, fought against, and overcome. While engaged in this struggle, the poems also strive to rebuild, to console and to rediscover the world, its beauty, tenderness, humour, and joy.
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  • Reflection: Poetry - cover

    Reflection: Poetry

    John Samurai

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    John Samurai – Reflection Poetry 
    A book full of inspiring and delightful ruminations. Exquisite poetry that will make you ponder and will get you closer to Satori. Enlightenment. This book was written in order to entertain and leave a gasped by its profundity every reader of any walk of life. You can be a housewife or a professor at MIT and you still will find something in this book that will make you want to read more of it. There are jokes in this book as well as deepest meditations on topics of life and death. The philosophy of the author allows to bring yourself forward and learn from every word written in this book. After all we are all life long learners even if not everyone of us has a degree to show for it. 
    This book is the book to beginner poet and philosopher. The tightly knit words and one-page plots make you wonder how much more of it can you get just between the covers of one hundred pages. 
    Buy, read, enjoy and get closer to your own spiritual enlightenment.   
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