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The Collected Works of Friedrich Schiller - The Complete Works PergamonMedia - cover

The Collected Works of Friedrich Schiller - The Complete Works PergamonMedia

Friedrich Schiller

Publisher: PergamonMedia

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This comprehensive eBook presents the complete works or all the significant works - the Œuvre - of this famous and brilliant writer in one ebook - 8466 pages easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate: 
• Aesthetical Essays of Friedrich Schiller
• Mary Stuart: A Tragedy
• The Robbers
• Wilhelm Tell
• Don Carlos: A Play
• Love and Intrigue: A Tragedy
• The Poems of Schiller — Third period
• The Thirty Years War — Complete
• Wilhelm Tell
• The Maid of Orleans: A Tragedy
• The Works of Frederick Schiller
• The Death of Wallenstein
• Philosophical Letters of 
• The Ghost-Seer; or the Apparitionist; and Sport of Destiny
• History of the Revolt of the Netherlands — Complete
• The Bride of Messina, and On the Use of the Chorus in Tragedy
• Turandot: The Chinese Sphinx
• The Piccolomini: A Play
• Wallenstein's Camp: A Play
• Biographical EssaysThomas De Quincey
• The History of the Thirty Years' War
• Fiesco; or, the Genoese Conspiracy: A Tragedy
• The Poems of Schiller — First period
• The Poems of Schiller — Second period
• The Poems of Schiller — Suppressed poems
• Adolphe: Anecdote trouvée dans les papiers d'un inconnu (Französisch)Benjamin Constant
• The Illustrated Works Of 
• Demetrius: A Play
• The Thirty Years War 
• The Life and Works of Calvin Thomas
• Wallenstein 
• Thirty Years War: Book I. Book II. Book III. Book IV. Book V.
Revolt of Netherlands: Book I. Book II. Book III. Book IV.
• The Robbers Fiesco Love and Intrigue
• The Camp of Wallenstein Piccolomini
• The Death of Wallenstein Whilhelm Tell
• Don Carlos Demetrius Mary Stuart
• The Maid of Orleans The Bride of Messina
• PHILOSOPHY: Aesthetical Essays Philosophical Letters
• NOVEL:The Ghost Seer or, The Apparitionist and The Sport of Destiny
• etc.
Available since: 04/07/2015.

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    "Seductive, dark, theatrical and fascinating, Bartlett's writing is spellbinding"—Russell Tovey;
    "As someone who works in theatre and live performance, I adored the way Bartlett drew out the characters and life of a backstage world, the glamour and sadness that can sometimes go hand in hand in entertainment. Bartlett writes in a way that draws you personally into the story, yet never lets you fully trust what the outcome may be"—Travis Alabanza
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    "Vivid characters, a fascinating subject and an expertly evoked setting. Excellent."– Daily Mail
    "Bartlett delights in taking that which was once hidden and making it clear for all to see." – Independent
    "This book and its enchanting characters had me under their spell. I was bewitched." – Sheila Hancock
    "Mysterious, tender and utterly compelling." – S.J. Watson
    "One of England's finest writers" – Edmund White
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    Address Book is the new work of fiction by the Costa-shortlisted author of Skin Lane. Neil Bartlett's cycle of stories takes us to seven very different times and situations: from a new millennium civil partnership celebration to erotic obsession in a Victorian tenement, from a council-flat bedroom at the height of the AIDS crisis to a doctor's living-room in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, they lead us through decades of change to discover hope in the strangest of places.
    Neil says, 'Every place I've ever slept in, I've always wondered about what went on at that address before I moved in. To write this book, I went back to some significant places in my own life and let the walls talk to me. The result of that listening is this new cycle of stories.'
    Editor Nathan Evans says, 'I've loved Neil's writing since finding his first book in the university library, so to publish his latest is something of a dream for me. Inkandescent are proud to be working with such an important queer writer with so much to say about where we are and how we got here.'
    'Bartlett is a pioneer on and off the page and we are lucky to have him telling our stories'—DAMIAN BARR​
    'One of England's finest writers'—EDMUND WHITE
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