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Presence - cover


Alex Finch

Publisher: Vinyl House Publishing

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Hidden in the dense woods of Wayne County are the remains of a once-booming logging town called Mystic. 
A place rife with depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence..... And Deputy Vince Russo. 
A place, where a young man by the name of Micah, has no choice but to reluctantly return to a town he despises.  
While an unsuspecting murder rocks the small town and the line between life and death narrows for everyone involved, 
it leaves Vince, with the help of his trusted ally Zeke, no choice but to persist with his quest to become Wayne County's new Sheriff. 
Frankie White doesn't think she could ever be in a situation worse than the one Mystic has to offer. 
She's wrong. 
A stroke of luck sees D.E.A agent Michael Leonhart seemingly stumble upon the solution to a thorn in his side.  
But will he be able to see it through? 
Meanwhile, something beyond everyone's imagination is coming. 
Something the human mind could never comprehend. 
And just who is the man with the red bow-tie lurking in the shadows?  
Presence is a story rooted in Greed & Politics, Love & Betrayal. 
A story of Supernatural Evil & Deputy Vince Russo; a family man with ruthless ambition and everything to lose. 
A Thriller of Masterful Suspense that strikes deep fear throughout it's journey to the truth. 
Guaranteed to keep you hooked till the very end.

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    Elixir of Death The

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    1195. Prince John still plots to seize the throne from his brother, Richard the Lionheart--and in his wicked schemes, he is supported by Philip of France. The French king offers to help John financially by sending him a mysterious alchemist, a Mohammedan named Nizam, who claims to be able to turn base materials into gold. But the ship that was transporting Nizam and his retainers is found wrecked off the south Devon coast, its crew savagely slaughtered. Shortly afterward, a Norman knight named Peter le Calve is foully murdered, his severed head stuck on the rood screen of Exeter cathedral. It's up to Sir John de Wolfe, the county coroner, to find a motive and connection between the killings. And just what is his unscrupulous brother-in-law, the disgraced ex-sheriff and Prince John-sympathizer, Richard de Revelle, trying to hide?
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