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7 best short stories by Flora Annie Steel - cover

7 best short stories by Flora Annie Steel

Flora Annie Steel, August Nemo

Publisher: Tacet Books

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Flora Annie Steel was interested in relating to all classes of Indian society. The birth of her daughter gave her a chance to interact with local women and learn their language. She encouraged the production of local handicrafts and collected folk-tales, a collection of which she published in 1894.
In this book you will find seven short stories specially selected by the critic August Nemo:

- Sir Buzz
- The Rat's Wedding
- The Faitful Prince
- The Bear's Bad Bargain
- Prince Lionheart and HisThree Friends
- Princess Aubergine
- Valiant Vicky, The Brave Weaver
Available since: 05/15/2020.

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  • Night Terrors Vol 20 - Short Horror Stories Anthology - cover

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    A miracle comes with a terrifying price, when a young blind woman confronts the horrors lurking in her basement. A trio of campers is forced to fight for their lives, when their weekend getaway opens a portal to a terrifying new dimension. And a Ouija board summons a malevolent force, when two sisters try to contact a lost loved one… 
    Scare Street is proud to present a spine-tingling new collection of fourteen terrifying tales. A diabolical feast of ghosts, ghouls, and screams of fear. And with each macabre nightmare more horrifying than the last, it’s only a matter of time before you unleash a blood curdling shriek of your own… 
    Even now, you feel cold, putrid breath on the back of your neck. The stench of the unliving fills the room. You feverishly turn the pages, ignoring whatever lurks just behind you, struggling to make it to the end of one more story. 
    After all, the next page you read just might be your last… 
    In this chilling volume, you will find the following stories: 
    1. The Tree Man at Fort Rock by Ellen Forder Condon 
    2. A Heart in His Hand by Luke Foster 
    3. The Christmas Witch by Cooper O'Connor 
    4. At the Elms by Jill Hand 
    5. The Gravedigger's Last Job by Bradley Walker 
    6. Color Me Gray by Matt Bliss 
    7. A Real Likeness by Jacob Steven Mohr 
    8. The Cry of the Campfire by J. Herrera Kamin 
    9. The Sleep Demon by Justin Boote 
    10. Shadow Beast by Kandi Ritton 
    11. The Mirror Keeps the Score by Jen Mierisch 
    12. Caught in the In-Between by Alyson Hasson 
    13. The Burned Land by Ian E. Gonzales 
    14. The Closet by Ron Ripley and Nick Efstathiou
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