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A Suckle For My Husband - cover

A Suckle For My Husband

Felicia Dewald

Publisher: Felicia Dewald

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When the baby's asleep, Paul will eat! 
WARNING: This work of fiction is intended for readers 18 years of age and older ONLY! It contains graphic depictions and descriptions of adult breastfeeding, messy lactation, intense oral and hardcore penetration between a new mother and her husband. 
During her pregnancy, Elizabeth developed a fantasy of having her husband taste her breast milk. She could not figure out a way to bring it up to Paul, her husband, so she decided to do some research online. When Paul finds her web history, he figures out exactly what her fantasies are. 
As soon as Elizabeth becomes a new mommy, Paul decides to take advantage of her large, full breasts to ensure that he never goes thirsty again. 
An excerpt from A Suckle For My Husband: 
I could feel a tingling sensation in my breasts and an aching, throbbing sensation deep inside me. He continued to suck on my nipples, occasionally stopping to play with them to keep them long and erect. As he slid his teeth up and down my nipple, he looked up at me and grinned. Holy hell, this was so hot! I could see a small trickle of milk in the corner of his mouth once when he grinned.

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    ~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~
    Ben was fiddling with a well-worn pair of tinsnips, trying to find a comfortable grip through the heavy gloves he was wearing. Muriel watched in silence as he began to trim sharp edges off the heavy wire mesh. She could have done it in half the time; why hadn’t Reid told him to stir the wet stucco, and let her do the more intricate work?
    He was definitely an odd sort for a day laborer. Most of them were a sorry lot—scrawny, underfed, and usually looking like they were a half-step away from being homeless. Many of them probably were, she suspected, since jobs were so hard to find nowadays.
    In contrast, Ben was strong, solidly built, and—under that coating of hard-earned grime—clean-cut enough to pass for a Boy Scout. It made her wonder why he hadn’t bothered to shave that morning.
    And why did he look so eerily familiar? She was sure that she’d seen his distinctive face somewhere before!
    His low rumbling voice was drowned out by the distinctive crunch of tires on gravel. Muriel glanced over just as a familiar pickup truck turned into the carwash lot, and an eager grin curved her lips. “Morning, Ashe!” she yelled, waving one hand in greeting.
    Her older brother tossed her a cheery salute before parking the truck a few yards away, and energetically vaulting out. “Hey, MacGyver!” he boomed, clapping Reid on the shoulder. “Gimme a hand? Santa Claus just made a special delivery on the other side of town, and asked me to bring over the first load in person.”
    Ben helped Reid peel back a dusty weatherstained tarp, and then they all gaped over the stacks and stacks of faded red bricks piled neatly beneath it. “There are three more loads just like this one,” Ashe boasted, “plus a whole bunch of old wiring and pipes that they salvaged. We just gotta go over and get it all hauled it away before sundown.”
    Pandemonium reigned as everyone tried to scramble into the pickup at once.
    “Hang on, hang on!” Reid had to shout to be heard above the excited chatter. “There’s too many of us all at once, and someone’s gonna get hurt.
    “Muriel, you finish patching that section of wall. Phoebe, you stir the mix until Muriel needs it, so that it doesn’t harden. And the rest of you, get back to cleaning the third bay. If you hustle, you can be done by noon.
    “Ben, you and I will set up an assembly line. Ashe can hand us the bricks, and we’ll pile them neatly back there.” He pointed toward the far end of the first bay, where they’d been working all morning.
    “Ben?” Ashe’s surprised voice made Muriel stop and glance curiously over her shoulder. “It really is you under all that dirt!”
    Were her eyes playing tricks on her, or did Ben rapidly shake his head, as if he didn’t want to be recognized?
    Then he stepped forward with an easy laugh, and reached up to clap Ashe on the shoulder—and she wondered if she’d imagined it.
    No, she must have been wrong. There was absolutely nothing furtive about his cheerful greeting as he began energetically reaching for bricks. The sun must have gotten in her eyes at exactly the wrong moment.
    So why did she feel so uneasy as she slowly turned back to her own work?
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    Karen is the innocent girl next door. This erotic romance features healthy masculine energy and a sweet, submissive female who has traditional feminine desires. 
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    Do you love face paced adventure erotic stories featuring BBW heroines and gorgeous gentle alpha male werewolves?
    	This is bundle for you, featuring five erotic romances for a bargain price!  These short stories contain explicit sex between BBW and sexy werewolves, and are intended for mature audiences only! 40,000+ word total!
    	Save 50%!!!
    	Fire of the Alpha 
    	The Stewardess and the Lone Wolf 
    	Paranormal Seduction in Paris 
    	Cured by a Werewolf Psychiatrist 
    	Queen of the Wolf Pack 
    This bundle contains wild, explicit sex between a lovely BBW and a sexy hero werewolf, and is intended for mature audience
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