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A Suckle For My Husband - cover

A Suckle For My Husband

Felicia Dewald

Publisher: Felicia Dewald

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When the baby's asleep, Paul will eat! 
WARNING: This work of fiction is intended for readers 18 years of age and older ONLY! It contains graphic depictions and descriptions of adult breastfeeding, messy lactation, intense oral and hardcore penetration between a new mother and her husband. 
During her pregnancy, Elizabeth developed a fantasy of having her husband taste her breast milk. She could not figure out a way to bring it up to Paul, her husband, so she decided to do some research online. When Paul finds her web history, he figures out exactly what her fantasies are. 
As soon as Elizabeth becomes a new mommy, Paul decides to take advantage of her large, full breasts to ensure that he never goes thirsty again. 
An excerpt from A Suckle For My Husband: 
I could feel a tingling sensation in my breasts and an aching, throbbing sensation deep inside me. He continued to suck on my nipples, occasionally stopping to play with them to keep them long and erect. As he slid his teeth up and down my nipple, he looked up at me and grinned. Holy hell, this was so hot! I could see a small trickle of milk in the corner of his mouth once when he grinned.

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    DESCRIPTIONSharing an apartment with my lesbian best friend, I suppose it’s only normal I started developing feelings toward her. Being straight though, I didn’t think it was fair to tell her the conflict I felt at having a crush on another woman, let alone my best friend. Turns out, I should have known better because now she intends to punish me. Was being punished like this supposed to feel so good?EXCERPTThe two of us shared an apartment together, only making the issue worse. I could feel the tension building between us. A part of me wanted to reach out to her, to tell her I knew the conflicted emotions she had to be going through, but I just didn’t know how. To be fair, I had started to notice her too. Still, I wasn’t about to act on a desire I didn’t understand.She was gorgeous, beautiful in ways most people wouldn’t notice. I found myself constantly smiling when I was around her without entirely knowing why. Her laugh was contagious, and I simply found myself drinking from the well of her lightheartedly approach to life. In some ways, I suppose my best friend had always been somewhat of a temptation to me. There were times while masturbating in my bed that I imagined her catching me, joining me. Those orgasms soon turned into the most intense I’d ever experienced. And still, I couldn’t understand the thoughts running through my mind. She was my best friend and I was straight. I was off limits, until one day, she changed everything doing what I could not.I happened to be awake before her, and had just started to relax on the living room couch with a cup of tea. She preferred coffee, and I had already started the coffeemaker. The smell drifted into the living room, and undoubtedly her bedroom as she soon came wandering in to the kitchen.She looked beautiful in the morning, her hair all a mess. I loved seeing her so natural, so confident in just a large T-shirt and her cotton panties. A part of me couldn’t help but stare as she fixed herself a cup of coffee. I must admit, I studied her the way she often admired me. As she moved around the kitchen, bending this way and that, I took note of her dampened panties. The wet crotch of her lingerie made me crave her swollen folds and explore the nectar within. Just knowing my best friend was horny made my cheeks flush. My body was responding to my observations and I found it absolutely confusing and humiliating.
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    Six short tales of the Adam Seville Studio, a small place in New York that holds private showings, by invitation only, of the latest work by the artist. Not satisfied with the typical materials used in the art world, Adam incorporates living men into his pieces. It’s interactive, sensual work that makes the model wonder if they are a permanent part of the exhibit.Connor Jackson delivers himself to the studio for a project Adam titles “Silver Skin.” That coloring is just temporary. Isn’t it?Connor experiences bondage like nothing he ever has before for Adam’s project called “Canvas.” And once you’re helpless, even something like breathing can be taken out of your hands…For “Statuary,” Adam enlists Kip to literally be joined with Connor. Adam proves that when it comes to human statues, two is better than one.Connor is put into over-the-top bondage for “The Cube.” This time though, he’s not just kept on the studio floor. Adam takes him to his upstairs bedroom where things get a kinky start.For Adam’s project “The Burrito,” Kip and Connor are made one again with bondage and breath control that takes them to the edge of pleasure and fear.In the finale, Connor is now living with a listless Adam who seems to have lost his passion for art. Then Adam realizes what he needs is one last exhibit “Wired” – with himself as the model and Connor as the artist.Enjoy these gay adult tales of sex, bondage, art, peril play, encasement, breath control, and romance.
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  • Public Submission 7 - 12 - Books 7 - 12 of 'Public Submission' - cover

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    More men, more love, more humiliation.
    This six-book collection of steamy stories combines humiliation and pleasure in almost inexplicable ways. The men are rich, dominating, and powerful while the women... well, they're completely outnumbered and overmastered.
    Public Submission 7: Student
    Twenty-year-old Anita Meyer has been the perfect student her whole life. So when she misses an exam that accounts for half of her grade, she is willing to do anything to make up for it.
    There's only one problem. Professor Andres Keon isn't one to bend his rules so easily...  The domineering older man thinks everything needs to be earned. But after he lays eyes on her, he decides to give her a chance... if she is willing to submit.
    Just how far is she willing to go to ace a class? Will she let him and his friends have his way with her?
    Just one peek.
    Public Submission 9: Tied Up
    "Your husband owes us a lot of money, Mrs. Joy... Now, you could continue working eighteen hour days for the rest of your life, or you could come with me and settle the debt another way... Who knows, this might actually be fun for you."
    What other way?
    "Why don't you come and find out?"
    I would much rather not.
    "I'm willing to bet you will be changing your mind real soon, Mrs. Joy... real soon..."
    Public Submission 11: Bosses & Punishments
    Gerald Davis is a successful billionaire who, for all intents and purposes, runs a successful, multi-million-dollar business. The alpha male is rich, powerful, and sexy beyond reason.
    At least that's what the public knows. What most people don't know, is that he is absolutely insane.
    "You know the rules, intern.”
    I stare at him and begin to question all my life choices that brought me to his office. Then, drawing in a deep, shuddering breath, I turn to him and say something no one had said to him for a long, long time.
    These six steamy standalone short stories feature unapologetic alpha Doms showing young submissives their rightful place.
    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    Excerpt Public Submission 11: Bosses & Punishments:
    "You know the rules, intern."
    I jumped when I heard Gerald's voice, a low growl that shuddered through me like a cold breeze.
    The office had been completely empty for the past hour and he was the first to arrive. I stared at him and questioned all my life choices that brought me to this office. Then, drawing in a deep, shuddering breath, I turned to him and said something no one had said to him for a long, long time.
    I stood up, challenging him with my eyes.
    His raised his eyebrows. "No?" he echoed, his voice a deep growl that frightened me.
    I gulped. "If you want me to surrender to you, you're going to have to work for it," I challenged.
    The corner of his lips curved into a grin. "I'm going to enjoy this."
    I cursed myself for answering. What in the world was I thinking?!
    I stopped myself from shuddering when he walked towards me and rested his hands on my shoulders, pulling the jacket that I had donned when I realized I was alone.
    "You smell of desire and rose petals," he murmured, his voice tickling my skin even from afar. I wondered if he knew the effect he was having on me.
    He stood in front of me and inhaled deeply, closing his eyes as if to memorize my scent completely. His hand reached behind me and he gripped my hair, pulling back to arch my neck towards him.
    Then, he pressed his nose to the curve of my neck and breathed in, his stubble brushing against my skin delicately. His exhale warmed my sensitive skin and I shuddered as he continued to speak against it, "I can feel your body reacting to my touch. Are you wet for me already, intern?" he licked the pulsating hollow of my neck, sending a ripple of pleasure through my skin.
    "No," I breathed the lie like a caress.
    With his other hand, he unzipped the back of my dress, slowly moving downwards until he reached the end of the zipper. The dress fell onto the floor unceremoniously.
    I closed my eyes, fighting back the pleasure the bubbled from deep inside me. I couldn't stop the gasp from escaping when he held me tighter.
    "Liar," he growled.
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  • Taken by Passion - Wonderland #1 - cover

    Taken by Passion - Wonderland #1

    Cheyenne McCray, Jaymie Holland

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    It’s 2015 and the Wonderland series is back, better than ever!  
    **See author note below. 
    After being cheated on yet again, full-figured Alice O'Brien no longer believes she’ll find her Prince Charming. She resolves to enjoy men, but refuses to involve her heart. 
    When she literally tumbles down a rabbit hole, she finds she has left her familiar home city of San Francisco. She has landed in a strange and beautiful world, where she meets a powerful and dominant shapeshifter, Jarronn, and his equally fierce and irresistible brothers. 
    By the draw of a card foretelling his kingdom’s future, Jarronn has deliberately lured Alice to his realm in hopes of averting a terrible danger threatening his people. He has every intention of saving his kingdom with his and Alice’s bond of passion, and nothing will stop him from making her his Queen of Hearts.  
    The award-winning “Taken by Passion/King of Hearts” novel has been expanded with never-before published material. Nearly sixty pages of new and expanded scenes! 
    St. Martin’s Press published “Taken by Passion” in trade paperback only, with the pseudonym Jaymie Holland. Ellora’s Cave published the series primarily in e-book, the first as “King of Hearts” under the name Cheyenne McCray. Neither older version had the new and expanded scenes. 
    Taken by Passion/King of Hearts has won numerous awards and accolades, including the “RT Book Reviews Magazine Reviewers’ Choice Award!” 
    Robin Taylor, Romantic Times BOOKclub 
    4.5 STAR TOP PICK!  “With the Bondage Kings, McCray has spun another fantastic series for her fans.  A deck of cards has never been so much fun!” 
    Tracey West, The Road to Romance 
    REVIEWER’S CHOICE AWARD! “KING OF HEARTS exceeded every expectation I had and I was totally blown away that Ms. McCray could get even better with her stories and her writing.” 
    The Schemer, Romance Reviews Today 
    “Take a dash of fairy tale, add a sprinkle of fantasy and pour on the kink and you end up in Cheyenne McCray's Wonderland, where naughty things happen to those who beg for it.” 
    Ann Leveille, Sensual Romance 
    “KING OF HEARTS is a captivating romance…an enticing, well-rounded novel that bodes well for the future of the WONDERLAND series.”
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    Tina Long

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    Helen and Jerry were best friends for many years before they started dating. However, when Helen met Jerry’s father for the first time, she realized that she loved Jerry as a brother, but had strong feelings for his father, Greg. She seduced Greg and he decided to make her happy by adding other partners in their intimate life.
    For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
    ***Scroll up, click the buy button to receive your complete collection right now!***
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  • Body Work - The Brantons #1 - cover

    Body Work - The Brantons #1

    Bonnie Edwards

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    She left him in her rear view mirror . . .  but he didn't stay there! 
    Lisa Brady Delaney hires her first crush, Tyce Branton, mechanic to the stars, to prepare her classic cars for auction. 
    Every woman needs a good mechanic and Lisa quickly learns Tyce is a hands-on man: in the garage and in the bedroom. 
    Tyce is angry to see Lisa again, but has to wonder if she's the same girl he knew or an independent beauty that will never need him again... 
    What Reviewers say about Body Work: 
    "Edwards' touching standout... Warm and believable, with good motivation and character depth, Edwards' story boasts as much romance as it does sizzling sensuality. With something for everyone, this is a sexy read that satisfies." 3 Stars, Tara Gelsomino, Romantic Times BOOKreviews 
    "This is one hot story..." 
    4.5/5 Hearts, Glenda K. Bauerle, The Romance Studio 
    "I love stories about finding lost love. BODY WORK has that and more! It is deeply erotic. Tyce is a man who knows what he's doing with his hands. Lisa is adorable and endearing. This story is sweet and hot! It's romantic and heartfelt and full of sultry hot sex. It makes you sigh at the end. I loved it!"     Melissa, Joyfully Reviewed 
    "The build up of strained heat between these two characters will leave you breathless, waiting for them to explode in a scorching conflagration-and the author doesn't disappoint! Exquisite attention to sensual detail and lyrically written descriptions draw the reader deep into a story that is intensely emotional and sizzling hot all at the same time. And in the end, it's pure romance! This story comes as close as any I've read to my ideal erotic romance." 
    5 Kisses, Eden Bradley, The Romance Divas 
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