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Rolf in the Woods: The Adventures of a Boy Scout with Indian Quonab and Little Dog Skookum - cover

Rolf in the Woods: The Adventures of a Boy Scout with Indian Quonab and Little Dog Skookum

Ernest Thompson Seton

Publisher: Reading Essentials

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Rolf in the Woods follows a young boy on his journey to becoming a man, learning how to live in the wilderness, respecting animals and nature, and later using his outdoorsman skills to fight and survive in war.  

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    Take the Slow Road: Scotland -...

    Martin Dorey

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    Forget hurrying. Forget putting your foot down and racing through sweeping bends. Forget the understeer (whatever that is). Forget the blur of a life lived too fast. This is a look at taking life slowly. It's about taking the time to enjoy journeys and places for their own sake. It's about stopping and putting the kettle on. Stopping to take a picture. Stopping to enjoy stopping. 
    How are you going to do it? In a camper van or a motorhome, of course.  
    In this book we define the best driving routes around Scotland for camper vans and motorhomes. We show you the coolest places to stay, what to see, what to do and explain why it's special. We meander around the highlands, lowlands and islands of Scotland on the most breathtaking roads, chugging up mountain passes and pootling along the coast. We show you stuff that's fun, often free. We include the best drives for different kinds of drivers; for surfers, wildlife watchers, climbers and walkers. We include the steepest, the bendiest, those with the most interesting bridges or views or obstacles, ferries and tidal causeways. And you don't even have to own a camper van or motorhome – we'll tell you the many places you can rent one to take you on the journey. 
    All of this is interspersed with beautiful photos, handy maps and quirky travel writing from the king of camper vans and motorhomes, Martin Dorey. So if all you want to do is flick through it on a cold day and plan your next outing, you'll be transported (albeit slowly) to pastures, beaches, mountains and highways that make you want to turn the key and go, go, go!  
    We'll take you to see Scotland the slow way. The way it should be seen.
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  • A World of My Own - The First Ever Non-stop Solo Round the World Voyage - cover

    A World of My Own - The First...

    Robin Knox-Johnston

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    On Friday 14 June 1968 Suhaili, a tiny ketch, slipped almost 
    unnoticed out of Falmouth harbour steered by the solitary figure at her 
    helm, Robin Knox-Johnston. Ten and a half months later Suhaili, 
    paintwork peeling and rust streaked, her once white sails weathered and 
    brown, her self-steering gone, her tiller arm jury rigged to the rudder 
    head, came romping joyously back to Falmouth to a fantastic reception 
    for Robin, who had become the first man to sail round the world 
    non-stop single-handed.  
    By every standard it was an incredible adventure, perhaps the last 
    great uncomputerised journey left to man. Every hazard, every 
    temptation to abandon the astounding voyage came Robin's way, from 
    polluted water tanks, smashed cabin top and collapsed boom to lost 
    self-steering gear and sheered off tiller, and all before the tiny 
    ketch had fought her way to Cape Horn, the point of no return, the 
    fearsome test of any seaman's nerve and determination.  
    A World of My Own is Robin's gripping, uninhibited, moving 
    account of one of the greatest sea adventures of our time. An instant 
    bestseller, it is now reissued for a new generation of readers to be 
    enthralled and inspired.
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  • Grizzlies Gales and Giant Salmon - Life at a Rivers Inlet Fishing Lodge - cover

    Grizzlies Gales and Giant Salmon...

    Pat Ardley

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    At age nineteen, Pat Ardley packed up her belongings and left Winnipeg for Vancouver, looking for adventure. Little did she know that she’d spend the next forty years in the wilderness, thirty of which would be spent with a man known as George “Hurricane” Ardley. Pat met George soon after arriving in Vancouver, and not long after that the two of them set out for Addenbroke Island to work as junior lighthouse keepers. The journey up to the little island in the Fitz Hugh Sound, 483 km north of Vancouver, took four rolling days by Coast Guard ship—and a huge leap in lifestyle. There, the couple fell in love with the wilderness lifestyle and each other. They learned to grow their own produce, keep chickens, can clams and salmon, build their own furniture, and in the evenings they read aloud to each other for entertainment. But, of course, it wasn’t always easy. Pat’s fear of the ocean made for a constant struggle in her marine environment, and being the partner of an adrenalin junky (he didn’t earn the nickname “Hurricane” for nothing!) sometimes made for a wild ride.
    Soon Pat and George were starting their own remote fishing lodge in Rivers Inlet, not so far from where the adventure began on Addenbroke Island. Financed by their wilderness odd jobs, the lodge came together slowly but surely through the couple’s hard work. George proudly added a nursery to the float lodge when their family grew, and they made sure the little ones knew not to step out the door without wearing a life jacket.
    Life was full of both challenges and rewards, and dealt plenty of disasters and close calls (including grizzly encounters) but the lodge business supported the family, and gained a steady clientele who were enticed back year after year by the warm welcome, beautiful setting and plentiful salmon, giant halibut and ling cod.
    After running the lodge together for twenty-seven years, George passed away from cancer. Despite all the advice she received to the contrary, Pat decided to run the business on her own with the assistance of her two children.
    Through resolve and strength in adversity, Pat outgrew the shadow of Hurricane Ardley and earned an intimidating nickname of her own: Don’t-Mess-with-Me Ardley. Reminiscent of British Columbia classics like Fishing with John, I Heard the Owl Call My Name and the evocative wilderness writings of Chris Czajkowski, this memoir is a touching tribute to coastal life.
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  • Moe & Me - Encounters with Moe Norman Golf's Mysterious Genius - cover

    Moe & Me - Encounters with Moe...

    Lorne Rubenstein

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    Spotlighting Moe Norman, a golfer admired by Tiger Woods himself, this memoir by a sportswriter who knew Moe Norman for 40 years details Moe's unique and controversial life. The record investigates how, despite winning almost every Title in Canada and having his name celebrated in golf circles around the globe, Norman failed to make a mark in the wider world of golf yet still referred to himself as 'the happiest guy on two feet.' His uncommon swing, mannerisms, and lifestyle are explored, illustrating how he played very quickly, never took a practice swing, often repeated phrases when talking, and lived in motel rooms most of his life. Norman's crippling insecurity and introversion are revealed, documenting how these conditions kept him from publicly succeeding at the highest levels of play. Penned by a sports journalist who knew the Subject for 40 years, this study examines Moe Norman's utterly exceptional technique, his character, how he lived his life well in spite of his significant handicaps, and what this most sensitive and peculiar man meant to those who knew him.
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  • Golf Formats For Societies & Game Secretaries - cover

    Golf Formats For Societies &...

    Alan Hyde

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    If you play golf  then this book is for you , offering a variety of new ways to play your favourite game through clear instructions it guarantees a fun day on the course with friends.
    Includes individual game formats as well as
    Individual Game Formats
    2 Ball Team Game Formats
    3 Ball Team Game Formats
    4 Ball Team Tournament Formats
    4 Ball  Tournament Fun Formats
    Tournament Formats for mixed 3 & 4 Ball Teams
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  • The City Game - Basketball from the Garden to the Playgrounds - cover

    The City Game - Basketball from...

    Pete Axthelm

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    A fascinating chronicle of New York basketball, from the concrete courts of the city’s parks to the bright lights of Madison Square GardenThe New York Knickerbockers, one of the NBA’s charter franchises, played professionally for twenty-four years before winning their first championship in 1970, defeating the Los Angeles Lakers in a thrilling seven-game series. Those Knicks, who won again in 1973, became legends, and captivated a city that has basketball in its blood. But this book is more than a history of the championship Knicks. It is an exploration of what basketball means to New York—not just to the stars who compete nightly in the garden, but to the young men who spend their nights and weekends perfecting their skills on the concrete courts of the city’s parks. Basketball is a city game, and New York is the king of cities.
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