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Kept - cover


Erin Lee

Publisher: Crazy Ink

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An Erin Lee Thriller 
Inspired by a true story 
Bree’s destiny had always been kept. 
Like a dirty secret, it was nearly impossible to escape a certain dark fate. A victim of circumstance determined to survive, she only wanted someone to trust. But it wouldn’t come easy. 
First, it was the family life that forced her to run away from home at age fifteen. 
Next, it was her son’s father, Le, who pulled her from friends, locking her into a toxic web of abuse and drugs. 
Then came the addiction, which chained her to methadone clinics and seclusion. 
In spite of it all, Bree refused to allow anyone to put out her fire, which burned brightest in the love of her son, Noah. 
Just when she was beginning to turn things around and had repaired her relationships, came the final blow. 
Locked in isolation and desperate for someone to put her trust in, Bree began talking to a mysterious man over the Internet. Placing her trust in him was the biggest mistake of her life. 
Now, caught in his evil web, she must decide—once and for all—how to take control of her life. 
It starts with a can of gasoline and a simple spark. From there, comes the fire. 
In the end, she determines, it won’t be Bree who is kept by anyone ever again.

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    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    I'm going to lose my job.
    The words echoed clearly in my head. These were probably my future-employers and I was going to lose my job even before I had begun. All for a little fun.
    There was no doubt about it. I tried to close my legs together, but it was too much effort to keep my legs closed whilst dangling in the air. The pull of the straps made it so that having my legs apart was the most comfortable position.
    My arms and legs were sore from being stretched for so long. Saliva dripped from the corners of my mouth from biting into the rubber gag for so long.
    Once the men and women entered, conversation stopped completely. They stared at me with surprise clear in their eyes. I was blushing from head to toe. This was not how I had hoped to greet my employers. Of the six, only three were familiar. Scott and Jasmine were captain and co-captain of the flight while Killian was my trainer.
    Killian's look of disapproval burned through me, though the rest of them were looking at me with a desire and hunger that was all-too-familiar. After all, I had been wearing that same look for the past few hours.
    "What is this, Killian?" the older man in the expensive-looking suit asked, turning to my dark-haired supervisor in surprise.
    My face burned red with shame, and I pleaded to him with my eyes. Please come up with a cover story. Please come up with a cover story.
    I recited the mantra in my head, hoping that he would somehow think of something to get me out of this conundrum without getting me fired at the same time. I had been working behind the scenes all this time and had not had a chance to meet the owner of the private craft yet.
    He looked pleased though, and that was a good sign. Something for Killian to work with.
    "Mr. Garrick, Sir," Killian started, clearing his throat. "This is a new feature in the flight. Perhaps I would let her explain it to you."
    Oh crap. I had to think quickly.
    Mr. Garrick was in his late thirties and had two black, burly bodyguards who looked to be around his age as well.
    I inhaled sharply when Killian pulled the ball gag from my mouth. I flashed the men my best smile. My legs were still spread wide open, showing off my glistening pussy. I had to convince them that no, I did not just get left behind by a sadistic lover I picked up from the bar and I was meant to be here.
    I said the only thing I could think of.
    "Good evening, Mr. Garrick. I will be your in-flight entertainment for the day."
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