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Superfood Boost - Immunity-Building Smoothie Bowls Green Drinks Energy Bars and More! - cover

Superfood Boost - Immunity-Building Smoothie Bowls Green Drinks Energy Bars and More!

Erica Palmcrantz Aziz

Translator Gun Pencoat

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

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No refined sugar, dairy products, or gluten. “An essential guide for anyone wishing to boost their health by embracing nutrient dense whole foods.” —Dr. Jennifer Koslo, RDN, LDN, CPT, author of The Heart Healthy Cookbook for Two 
Superfood Boost inspires and teaches you to start planning simple and quick dishes to improve your well-being. Developing better habits doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Just replace your snacks with nutrient-rich smoothies and energy bars, and you’ll see your health improve in no time at all! Simply put, food is medicine, and superfoods contain maximum nutrition in every serving, giving your body a healthy boost. With this book, you will learn which ingredients to choose to make the most out of your snacks and meals—and they can all be found in a supermarket near you! All of the recipes are based on raw food ingredients and help you get the most nutrition in the best possible way. Check out: Perfect Matcha Latte Blueberry Smoothie Bowl Strawberry Coconut Smoothie Bowl Cranberry-Coconut Overnight Oats Chili-Cocoa Overnight Oats Coconut–Goji Berry Smoothie Green Smoothie with Almond Milk Two-Minute Carrot Soup Zoodles with Sundried Tomatoes and Pumpkin Seeds Chia Seed Chips with Turmeric Guacamole Blueberry-Prune Fruit Leather Pumpkin-Sesame Protein Bar Cherry Energy Bars Superfood Truffles Dark Chocolate Puffs Avocado Ice Cream  
These simple and fast recipes will make you happy, healthy, and ready for anything. To top it all off, you’ll have a calmer stomach and balanced blood sugar levels, you’ll be full between meals, and your immune system will be stronger than ever! 
“Even superfood-skeptics will be won over by her not only mouthwatering, but actually great-for-you desserts!”—Ilene Godofsky Moreno, author of The Colorful Family Table
Available since: 06/05/2018.
Print length: 204 pages.

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    Even if you have tried and failed to lose weight many times before, there is no reason why you cannot succeed eventually, and Extreme Weight Loss Hypnosis is a book that contains great actionable advice that anyone can follow. 
    This new audiobook, Extreme Weight Loss Hypnosis, concentrates on how hypnosis can help you reach the weight you want, with chapters that cover:What hypnosis is and the power it containsThe science behind the mythHow to mentally prepare yourselfHow to create achievable goals you can reachThe importance of exercise when dietingEvery day weight loss meditation and affirmationThe benefits of hypnosis over traditional dietsUsing hypnosis in the long termAnd lots more.... 
    Scroll up now and click Add to Cart for your copy of this amazing audiobook today!
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    Are you looking to lose weight fast and burn fat by leveraging the power of intermittent fasting and a ketogenic diet, without messing up your delicate balance of female hormones? 
    If your answer is YES,keep reading! 
    This weight loss audiobook offers a unique combination of two highly effective and scientifically proven approaches to losing weight. 
    Like other women, you may be hesitant to adopt intermittent fasting. While you may be sold to the idea of adopting a keto diet to lose weight, you might also have heard the diet could easily mess with your body if you adopt the standard approach that’s intended to be suitable for everyone. 
    Intermittent Fasting has been proven to reduce chronic inflammation and prevent heart disease. 
    The Ketogenic Diet was developed with medical purposes in mind, so it’s very well-studied. It’s known for causing dramatic weight loss, healing some cases of acne, and protecting your heart and your brain. 
    From this audiobook, you’ll discover:Why this is finally the solution you’ve been looking for...and how it can change your life forever!The best hacks for taking your health to the next level...and reversing the aging process.Proven tips for sticking to your IF & Keto diet...and making it sustainable in the long term.How to kickstart your metabolism...and repair the damages of your unhealthy habits.Best-kept secrets for losing the weight...and keeping it off for the rest of your life.Amazing IF keto recipes for your busy lifestyleAnd much more! 
    This is a highly personal journey, and you will be asked to experiment with timing, portions, recipes, and analyzing your body’s specific response to the changes that you are making.  
    So if you want to finally lose weight, look younger, and feel healthy, get this life-changing audiobook now!
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    Get maximum nutrition, lose unwanted pounds and increase your energy levels by juicing! If you are looking for boundless energy, health, quick weight loss, increased nutrition and inner healing, then this audiobook will give you exactly that.This is a simple and easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to starting with juicing and creating your personal health and vitality formula.Here is a preview of what you'll learn...Easy ways to include juicing in your dietEnjoy health-giving juice every dayEnjoy the health benefits of juice with these juicing tipsFresh flavorful and fun how to make juiceHelp your whole family to enjoy juicingInclude juicing in your life for optimum nutritionJuice your way to a healthier you with these tipsJuicing advice that you really need to take advantage of todayJuicing is one of the easiest and delicious ways to get great nutritionTips for creating delicious and healthy juice drinksTips for juicing healthy fruits and vegetablesWhat you need to learn about juicingAnd basically everything you need to know to start juicing today!
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