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Start to Win - The Classic Text - cover

Start to Win - The Classic Text

Eric Twiname

Publisher: Adlard Coles

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Start to Win is Eric Twiname's sailing classic. Out of print for over 20 years, it has nevertheless retained its position as the 
book on simple racing principles. Considered unequalled by its many 
fans, it is the only book that sets out the techniques of sailing in 
such a clear, understandable and straightforward manner.  
By the same author as The Rules Book, Start to Win 
will be welcomed back by its many followers, and read for the first 
time by many more. With an updated section on the Racing Rules, this 
classic is set to help sailors achieve their racing best for many years 
to come. 
'An extraordinarily valuable book...Twiname manages to remove the mystique from the art of winning' Yachting World 
'One of the best books on tactics' Yachting & Boating 
'A first class book for the racing dinghy helmsman' Yachts and Yachting

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