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Two Brains One Aim - A Riding Coach's Key Concepts for Bringing Horse and Rider Together (and Ending in Success!) - cover

Two Brains One Aim - A Riding Coach's Key Concepts for Bringing Horse and Rider Together (and Ending in Success!)

Eric Smiley

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books

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Riding well can be a puzzle. This book puts together the pieces, including:

- How humans and horses learn.

- Striving for partnership vs. dictatorship.

- Early training and developing skills.

- Demystifying equestrian-speak.

- Dressage outside the arena.

- Ground poles for the rest of us.

- Jumping and cross-country tips.

- Solving problems, wherever you ride.

- Competition psychology.

- Being coached and being a coach.  

“This book is aimed at riders, coaches, and anyone interested in learning more about how humans and horses interact. I have tried to harness my own experiences when I cover the three main disciplines—dressage, show jumping, and eventing—and how they relate to one another. I look at how those in a coaching position can guide riders to perform better by making their lives less complicated and more fulfilling, and I examine how riders can apply the same principles to training their horses and become self-sufficient.” —Eric Smiley

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