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Sports Psychology for Athletes: Think Like a Champion and Train Like a Warrior - cover

Sports Psychology for Athletes: Think Like a Champion and Train Like a Warrior

Epic Rios

Publisher: Epic Rios

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Do you want to learn How to Think Like a Champion and Train Like a Warrior? 
If so, then this must-read Sports Psychology for Athletes book will teach you How to Develop Unbelievable Mental Toughness and Tremendous Resilience for Achieving Greatness in Life. 
Sports Psychology for Athletes includes the following books: 
(1) Mental Toughness: The Ultimate Guide to Succeeding in Sports, Business and in Life 
(2) Bodybuilding: How to Build the Body of a Greek God 
(3) Intermittent Fasting: The Smart Way to Losing Weight 
(4) Strength Training (Secrets): The Best Tips and Strategies for Getting Stronger 
(5) Body Weight Training: Get Bigger, Faster and Stronger with Calisthenics 
The first book, Mental Toughness, will teach you: 
(A) How to develop extraordinary confidence, razor sharp focus and a positive mindset. 
(B) How to develop tremendous resilience to push yourself beyond your self-limitations. 
(C) How to develop and maintain unbelievable self-control while facing intense pressure and distractions in life. 
(D) How to powerfully improve your self-image and self-esteem. 
The second book, Bodybuilding, will teach you: 
(A) How to a build a well-proportioned, athletic body like the Ancient Greek Gods. 
(B) The type of workouts, exercises and daily training the Ancient Greeks performed. 
(C) How Ancient Olympic Athletes prepared and trained for succeeding at the Olympic Games. 
The third book, Intermittent Fasting, will teach you: 
(A) The best intermittent fasting schedules and methods for burning the most fat. 
(B) Highly effective tips and strategies for permanent weight loss. 
(C) The importance of nutrition as well as meal planning tips and ideas for succeeding with looking and feeling great. 
(D) How to become extremely disciplined with your eating habits. 
The fourth book, Strength Training, will teach you: 
(A) How to go from a Beginner to an Advanced Strength Training Athlete. 
(B) The powerful 5X5 Strength Training Workout and important variations of it. 
(C) How to effectively exercise the Legs, Back and Chest Muscles for developing total body strength. 
The fifth book, Body Weight Training, will teach you: 
(A) Challenging workout routines for undergoing a 12-week body transformation using calisthenics. 
(B) The importance of doing beginner, intermediate and advanced body weight exercises for developing superior strength. 
(C) How to develop strength, speed, power, balance, agility, coordination, conditioning and flexibility with calisthenics. 
So, do you want to learn How to Develop Amazing Mental Toughness and Tremendous Resilience for Achieving Greatness in Life?  
If so, then buy this amazing Sports Psychology for Athletes book NOW!

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