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Take You Away (The Cunningham Family #35) - The Cunningham Family - cover

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Take You Away (The Cunningham Family #35) - The Cunningham Family

Ember Casey

Publisher: Ember Casey

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A bonus Cunningham Family novella from USA Today bestselling author Ember Casey. 
Two couples. Two struggles. Two wicked stories... 
Ward Brannon would do anything to protect Louisa Cunningham. No one's ever gotten under his skin the way she has--or inspired such a hunger. But now that he knows the truth about her identity, it's becoming increasingly clear that the two of them are worlds apart. Is their explosive passion enough to hold them together? 
Lily Frazer's been through her share of ups and downs with the brooding Calder Cunningham, but she's never faced a challenge like this. She's determined to do whatever it takes to ease his pain--even if it takes all night. 
The Cunningham Family Reading Order: 
His Wicked Games (Book 1) 
Truth or Dare (Book 2) 
Sweet Victory (Book 2.5) 
Her Wicked Heart (Book 3) 
Take You Away (Book 3.5) 
Lost and Found (Book 4) 
Completely (short story) 
Their Wicked Wedding (Book 5) 
A Cunningham Christmas (Book 5.5) 
Their Wicked Forever (Book 6) 
Additional Cunningham Family Books: 
Always Wicked (companion novel) 
The Cunningham Family Bonus Stories 
Available since: 05/29/2014.

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