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His Love - cover

His Love

Ellis O. Day

Publisher: LSODea

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Get ready for Terry and Maggie’s second night at La Petite Mort Club.
It’s hot, kinky and oh, so much fun!

Nothing is going to make Terry lose control like he did last night.
This time he has every detail planned to recreate an evening from their past in La Petite Mort Club style.
Until another night from his past threatens everything.
Will he be able to salvage his evening and his relationship or will he lose Maggie forever?

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  • Walking to Wonderland - cover

    Walking to Wonderland

    Barbara Cartland

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    Handsome, distinguished and decidedly dashing, Theo, the Duke of Eaglefield, has the world, and most of its women, at his feet. But he takes all this attention for granted and is becoming tired and bored by it all.  
    In fact his friend, Harry Hampton, tells him that he has no concept of the challenges and complexities faced by the ordinary man and that the people he encounters see only his riches and rank rather than the man himself. 
    Protesting that this is untrue, Theo accepts Harry's challenge to walk the fifty miles from Brighton to his house, Eagle Hall, in Berkshire incognito and mixing with commoners along the way. He stands to lose his finest pair of horses should he fail and so he sets forth, leaving behind the glamour of Brighton's Beau Monde.
    The second morning of his pilgrimage, Theo comes across a beautiful young girl, Alysia, standing precariously at the edge of a deep pool next to a weir. She seems to be praying and, instinctively, he knows that she is about to plunge to her death in the river.
    After leading her to safety he hears all about her cruel and grasping stepfather who murdered her mother and who is now bent on seizing her sizeable inheritance by marrying her off to his friend, Lord Gosforde with whom he will share the spoils. 
    Theo is transfixed by Alysia, thinking it quite 'impossible for anyone to be so beautiful'.
     Almost instantly he finds himself falling in love with this 'very young angel who has fallen out of Heaven by mistake' and he decides to take her on his journey on foot. 
    But can he keep Alysia away from her murderous stepfather and be able to reach the safety of Eagle Hall unscathed?
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  • Love is a Gamble - cover

    Love is a Gamble

    Barbara Cartland

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    It was bad enough when her beloved mother died and the beautiful young Idona Overton and her father faced the news that the meagre allowance Lady Overton received from her Family Trust died with her.
    In his grief Sir Richard Overton spent more and more time away from Overton Manor enjoying London's dissolute pleasures before finally he was killed in a duel in somewhat suspicious circumstances.
    But the greatest shock of all for Idona was yet to come!
    A legal representative arrives at her home with appalling news for her.
    Her father had gambled away everything that he owned on the turn of a card – the Manor House, the stables, all the horses and, most shockingly, even Idona herself!
    The new owner is the imperiously handsome Marquis of Wroxham, who treats his new Ward with a mixture of scorn and amusement as he launches her into a frighteningly sophisticated world of subterfuge, deceit and a sinister highwaymen's plot.
    Soon a stolen kiss changes everything and Idona is in love with the Marquis – a love that is surely doomed since he is set to marry the beautiful Lady Rosebel one of the great beauties of London.
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  • Love on the Line - A Laugh-Out-Loud Romantic Comedy - cover

    Love on the Line - A...

    McGarvey Black

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    A telephone opinion poll unites two love birds in New York City, but when a blackout cuts their call, will they ever find each other again? After another unsuccessful relationship, twenty-nine-year-old New Yorker Callie Swan is still determined to find love. An aspiring author who makes her living as a phone marketer, she reclaims her virginity and begins writing a guide for finding your soulmate . . . On Valentine’s Day, while conducting an opinion poll, the call connects her to Patrick Walsh. When their ten-minute call turns into a three-hour discussion, both Callie and Patrick wonder if the other is their soulmate. But before they can exchange names and make plans to meet, a massive power outage blacks out Manhattan and their call cuts out. With no way to recover the call, they each set out to find the other using the information they shared during their conversation. Now, their search begins . . .Love on the Line is a heartwarming romantic comedy perfect for fans of Helen Fielding, Sophie Kinsella, and Marian Keyes.
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  • Island for Sale - cover

    Island for Sale

    Vivian Stuart

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    In The Historical Romance series, a set of stand-alone novels, Vivian Stuart builds her compelling narratives around the dramatic lives of sea captains, nurses, surgeons, and members of the aristocracy.
    Stuart takes us back to the societies of the 20th century, drawing on her own experience of places across Australia, India, East Asia, and the Middle East. 
    Alastair Macrae, tall, handsome Laird of Carra, is forced to sell the land that has been in his family's possession for five hundred years, in order to pay the crippling taxes he has inherited with it.
    The buyer is an American — Cornelia McCall — young, lovely and rich, whose heart is set on the Wimbledon Tennis crown.
    Everyone tells Alastair that he should marry her ... but Alastair is proud. Carra must go, he knows, but he himself is not for sale. Cornelia is the last woman on earth whom he could marry …
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  • Love has his way - cover

    Love has his way

    Barbara Cartland

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    After an evening dinner with renowned French ballet dancer and beauty, Nicole de Prêt, handsome young buck about town, the Marquis of Sarne, is stirred from a deep sleep to realise that he has been drugged and then rendered unconscious.
    And he is in a strange bed in a strange house somewhere in London. 
    Far worse though is the revelation that in his stupor someone has married him to some young servant girl he does not even know by his bitter enemy, Lord Kirkhampton. 
    To avoid the likely scandal and humiliation that his predicament will bring him, he decides to take his 'bride' to his house in Grosvenor Square and there to arrange a divorce as best he can.
    But soon he realises that this girl was not a willing participant in Lord Kirkhampton's deceitful trick nor is she the plain servant girl he had assumed at first. 
    In fact Romana Wardell is startlingly beautiful and attractive, remarkably intelligent and every bit as appalled by their situation as he is. 
    Then the more that the reluctant newlyweds become acquainted, the less the urgency they feel to put this forced 'marriage' to an early end. 
    Perhaps after all she has the makings of a Marchioness of Sarne!
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  • A Theatre of Love - cover

    A Theatre of Love

    Barbara Cartland

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    Having retreated to his country estate to escape the amorous attentions of his mistress Lady Fiona Faversham, who is determined to marry him, the dashing Duke of Moorminster out riding when he is captivated by the sound of a church organ being played beautifully. Entering the small church, he is equally captivated by a young woman of almost angelic loveliness who is leading her choir of children with her own wonderful voice.
    She is perfect for a special role in the play he has written – and which is to be the debut performance at his newly built private theatre with the Prince and Princess of Wales in attendance. 
    And so young Vicar's daughter Lavela Ashley finds herself and her choir of children rehearsing for the great event at Moor Park and becomes embroiled in the devious scheming of Lady Fiona and the Duke's wicked cousin Joscelyn – both of whom are plotting to force the Duke into a marriage by the foulest of means. For his part, as the romantic drama unfolds in his own Theatre of Love, the Duke comes to realise that Lavela is everything Lady Fiona is not – and that she is everything he ever wanted, if only he had understood his own heart.
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