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Re-Runners - First Life - Re-Runners #1 - cover

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Re-Runners - First Life - Re-Runners #1

Elli Buchanan

Publisher: Elli Buchanan

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If you had the chance to go back and relive the last 25 years of your life, retaining all the knowledge and memories you have now; would you make different life choices? 
Three very different people from different locations, die at the same moment in time and re-awaken at that moment, only it is 25 years earlier. 
Two men and one woman are reborn in their young and healthy bodies, but their minds retain the memories of their previous lifetime. 
Will the abused wife choose a different path?Will the stockbroker choose a different wife?Will the serial killer continue on his spree of murder? 
Follow the journey of three Re-Runners; Kate, Dylan and Christian through this series of rediscovery, changing fates and finding each other. 
Interview with the Author 
Q - So, what makes the Re-Runners Series special?A - They say that in the world of stories, there are no NEW ideas and maybe that's true. But I don't think there's been a series of books on this subject, done quite like this before. 
I'm sure plenty of people have thought - 'If I knew what I know now and could go back and do it all over again - Wow, the things I could achieve. Righting wrongs, avoiding the mistakes of your 'first life'... So many possibilities.' 
Q - It's an interesting concept, but what genre does the Re-Runner series come under? 
A - That's a difficult one. It's a mix of the kind of books I like to read, and I like to read everything. First up it's a paranormal time travel book, in the sense that initially the story chronicles the lives of three people, their death and their rebirth. There's also the element of thriller horror with the grisly murders committed by the serial killer, suspense when the FBI and LA detectives are tracking the infamous murderer and of course the mystery of how and why this re-living of lives has happened to them. 
These three people from different countries (Australia and the US... and later Italy) are thrown into repeating their lives, but retaining all of the knowledge of their previous existences; maybe for all eternity. Who knows? 
What would you do if it happened to you? Would you change? Create a new life or keep the old one? Make different choices or stay the same? Leave a legacy for the human race? It poses some interesting questions. 
Q - You've got every other genre in there, but you've forgotten the Romance junkies. What? No love story? 
A - Hey, of course there's a love story. It builds slowly and comes in Book 2 – Re-Runners Second Life. What's a novel (or series of novellas) without a love story? Life is all about love/hate, life/death, mistakes made/lessons learned. We're human, so of course there's a love story. Need you ask? 
Q - So, why should readers give these books a try?A - Because Re-Runners is a little dark and a little science fiction but it also takes you on a ride of possibilities. You'll find yourself imagining re-living your life. Maybe you wouldn't be tracking down serial killers, but it certainly makes you think. 
Ultimately, readers who enjoy a plot that twists and turns all the way to the end will get a kick out of this series. Thanks for reading! 
Available since: 12/13/2015.

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