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Taken For The First Time By The Doctor: Victorian Medical First Time Older Man Younger Woman Romance - cover

Taken For The First Time By The Doctor: Victorian Medical First Time Older Man Younger Woman Romance

Elle London

Publisher: 25 Eagles Romance

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"But doctor it can't fit... it's too big..."

Margret is an innocent, untouched young woman who's worried about having a painful wedding night. Luckily her doctor, a mature older man, will ensure that she's ready for her special night no matter what it takes.

What starts off small gets bigger and bigger, until he himself is taking her unprotected and for the very first time.

After all, the doctor knows best.

This sizzling story is set in Victorian era. 

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    “New dress?” I asked. “It’s really nice.” 
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    But how long will it last? As always, there are those who lose when someone wins.
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    	Is there more to Kevin than meets the eye? He is cockier than any secretary has a right to be...
    	Bound is an erotic short story designed to deliver exactly what you're looking for. Corporate Games explores the budding BDSM relationship between Helen and Kevin and contains bondage scenes of an extremely explicit nature. Only intended for a mature audience.
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