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Taken For The First Time By The Doctor: Victorian Medical First Time Older Man Younger Woman Romance - cover

Taken For The First Time By The Doctor: Victorian Medical First Time Older Man Younger Woman Romance

Elle London

Publisher: 25 Eagles Romance

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"But doctor it can't fit... it's too big..."

Margret is an innocent, untouched young woman who's worried about having a painful wedding night. Luckily her doctor, a mature older man, will ensure that she's ready for her special night no matter what it takes.

What starts off small gets bigger and bigger, until he himself is taking her unprotected and for the very first time.

After all, the doctor knows best.

This sizzling story is set in Victorian era. 

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    I do catch one of their names, at least. Irish turns out to be named Miles. My ears prick up when I hear them discussing me.
    “She's a quiet one,” says the Latino.
    “Some of 'em are. Some of 'em scream their heads off and then you have the good ones, like this lass.”
    “Lass?” He snorts. “Her license says she's thirty-three. Wouldn't call that a lass.”
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    You, Mr. Miles, have just earned yourself a very painful death. It struck me as a bit ridiculous, trussed up and helpless as I was, to be making vows of vengeance, but doing it still made me feel better.
    “I wouldn't take one of these broads,” says Eduardo. “No way. They're all...weird and shit, once they get done with the training.”
    “Weird?” Miles chuckles derisively. “Compliant, you mean. Compliant and very, very horny.”
    “If you say so, Mr. Miles.”
    Miles is causing me some concern. It takes a certain type of man to ravish a woman in the middle of a street, one who crosses lines and doesn't even blink. There are many other things, vile things, he is likely capable of.
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    In this small Texas town, I don’t advertise the fact that I’m gay. Women throw themselves at me, attracted to the whole cowboy thing, but they do nothing for me.
    	But then Hank came into town, the new veterinarian, and everything changed. He cured a lot more than my horse, let me tell you – and took care of my hard little problem in just the right way.
    	Warning: This 3700-word hardcore story contains a blow job and mind-numbing anal sex. For adults only.
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