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Mail Order Bride: Spanked Into Submission - cover

Mail Order Bride: Spanked Into Submission

Elle London

Publisher: 25 Eagles Romance

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Her cheeks flushed red as she spread her legs and awaited her new husband's instructions...

When Debbie is betrothed to a man she's never met, West, she's more nervous than excited to meet him. She's surprised to find out he's a muscular, handsome, and rich cowboy, but that's not the only surprise West has in store for her. Soon she finds herself being stripped of not just her clothing but her previous life as West dominates her completely.

From the train, to the chapel, to his house in a single day - West has everything set up, and wastes no time in letting her know exactly what her duties as his wife will be.

All Debbie can do is hold on and try not to let the pleasure and pain overwhelm her.

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    Faith's eyes started to fill with tears.
    "Kneel beside me, Faith," the Mistress ordered sternly.
    Download “Bonds of Faith” right now!
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    	White Girl Spanked   
    	Tiffany is fed up with her husband and his lack of attention.
    	When he sends her over to the other side of the neighborhood to talk to the neighbors, she gets caugth up in a little more than she can handle.
    	Give it to Me
    	Tina's secret online chat affair is about to get up close and personal.. Her fantasy man is coming to see her!
    	Tina's husband, Pat, is hitting the golf course for a tournament, so that buys her some time for her mystery man to come see her. Will Tina squeeze in enough time before her husband returns? Darryl is coming to town, and "give it to me, baby", won't be the only thing that Tina will be screaming.
    	When Darryl showed up, Tina was on cloud nine. He was a good 6-foot-2 and all muscle, towering over Tina’s tiny frame. She stood on her tip toes to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him, before looking Darryl deep into his eyes. 
    	“Looks like someone is happy to see me,” he said, with a smirk. 
    	She grinned from ear to ear. 
    	“Looks like someone is happy to see me also,” Tina said.
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