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The Camelot Caper - cover

The Camelot Caper

Elizabeth Peters

Publisher: William Morrow

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The Lethal Stuff of Legends 
For Jessica Tregarth, an unexpected invitation to visit her grandfather in England is a wonderful surprise—an opportunity to open doors to a family past that have always been closed to her. But sinister acts greet her arrival. A stranger tries to steal her luggage and later accosts her in Salisbury Cathedral. Mysterious villains pursue her through Cornwall, their motive and intentions unknown. Jessica's only clue is an antique heirloom she possesses, an ancient ring that bears the Tregarth family crest. And her only ally is handsome gothic novelist David Randall—her self-proclaimed protector—who appears from seemingly out of nowhere to help her in her desperate—attempt to solve a five hundred-year-old, puzzle. For something from out of the cloudy mists of Arthurian lore has come back to plague a frightened American abroad. And a remarkable truth about a fabled king and a medieval treasure could ultimately make Jess Tregarth very rich...or very dead.

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  • Murder in Margate - A Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery - cover

    Murder in Margate - A Juliette...

    Marilyn Clay

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    MURDER IN MARGATE, Book 3 in Marilyn Clay's Regency Mystery Series features clever young Regency sleuth Miss Juliette Abbott. What begins as a relaxing holiday in Margate for Miss Abbott turns into an anxiety-riddled nightmare! Once Juliette and her friend Miss Haworth are settled into the picturesque seaside village, things go awry when the younger sister of Juliette’s new friend in Margate goes missing and Juliette finds the girl’s abigail dead on a ledge below a cliff! As she searches for clues to the killer’s identity, yet another young lady is found murdered! 
    Just when Juliette believes she knows who the guilty party is, she instead finds herself in the cross-hairs of a Kentish smuggling ring who have vowed to dispatch her to the bottom of the sea! Can Miss Abbott find a way out of this confusing puzzle, or is she destined to become yet one more murder in Margate? 
    "An intriguing story that drew me in and kept me turning pages. Miss Juliette Abbott once again proves she is as clever as she is charming. I loved the surprise twist at the end and how the author tied everything in with a real-life mystery in Margate. I certainly hope Marilyn Clay adds more books to this delightful series!" - Anna Wilson 
    "Heroine Juliette Abbott is just as confident and perceptive as ever. Though the case gets more and more complicated, Juliette keeps her sense of humor and uses her perceptive intelligence to sort out who the culprit is. A great read!" - L. B. 
    If you like the mystery novels of Mary Braddon, K.L. Jackson, Sheri Cobb South, Melanie Dickerson, Stephanie Barron and Alyssa Maxwell, you'll enjoy Marilyn Clay's Juliette Abbott Regency mysteries! 
    Best-selling author MARILYN CLAY has written seven Regency Romances, Her latest Regency, THE WRONG MISS FAIRFAX, is now available in print and Ebook. Look-alike cousins lead a nobleman on a merry chase! 
    All of Marilyn Clay's Regency-set novels are clean and wholesome, with no graphic scenes, violence or strong language. All are suitable for teen and young adult readers. 
    MARILYN CLAY’s historical romantic suspense novels set in the New World in the 1600s include: DECEPTIONS: A Colonial Jamestown Novel, originally released in hardcover. Catherine travels to the New World in search of her betrothed, but what she finds in Jamestown is not at all what she expects! Praised by The Library Journal and Booklist. 
    SECRETS AND LIES also published in hardcover and recently re-released in paperback and ebook as A PETTICOAT AND LAMBSKIN GLOVES features some of the same characters who appear in DECEPTIONS. The inspirational story of four young English girls who travel to the New World on a Bride Ship, all in search of love, a new life and the adventure of a lifetime. What they find instead is that someone in Jamestown wants one, or all of them, dead! 
    BETSY ROSS: ACCIDENTAL SPY Set in 1776 Philadelphia, Betsy Ross determines to uncover who killed her beloved husband John Ross, but can she bring down the ruthless double spy before he kills her, or her sisters? 
    STALKING A KILLER, a contemporary murder mystery by Marilyn Clay. Aspiring PI Amanda Mason's first case to solve is a murder charge against her own father! But, can she trust the handsome man who has agreed to help her? 
    All of Marilyn Clay’s non-fiction titles, and many of her Regencies have become online best sellers. 18th and 19th ENGLISH WOMEN AT SEA, HISTORY OF THE WATER CLOSET and three books on REGENCY PERIOD FURNITURE. 
    For additional information about the author visit her website at Marilyn Clay Author.
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  • Tiger at Bay - cover

    Tiger at Bay

    Bernard Knight

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    A classic murder mystery by acclaimed crime writer Bernard Knight. 
    Featuring dastardly deeds by cunning villains, this taut tale is set in the world-famous (and infamous) docks area of Cardiff, known far and wide as Tiger Bay, during the 1960s. When local good-for-nothing Iago Price sets himself up as a private detective, he gets more than he bargains for – he's not used to encountering blackmail, drug dealing, and murder! A bank worker, desperate to extricate himself from a spot of bother, turns to Iago for help, but things don't quite go as planned...
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  • Long Teeth - Stone Angel #4 - cover

    Long Teeth - Stone Angel #4

    Marvin H. Albert

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    Pete Sawyer is a private eye of a different kind. The son of a World War II American pilot and a brave French resistance fighter, he grew up on both sides of the Atlantic -- though he prefers his sun-dappled villa on the Riviera to most other places. He takes pleasure in a fine wine...and a good gun. His French name is Pierre-Ange, and it suits him. In English, it means Stone Angel.When Arlette Alfani, a lawyer as competent as she is beautiful, asks Pete to help her client whose wife has been kidnapped, Pete agrees -- only to find that the man in question is none other than Karl Malo, the inconceivably wealthy patriarch of the Malo Transport family. Completely in love for the first time in his life, Malo is inconsolable over the kidnapping of his third wife, Jacqueline. But no sooner has Pete done all he can to get Jacqueline back than Malo has another problem. Someone very close to him has betrayed him. Is it his brilliant, rebellious son, Alexandre? His one-wild daughter, Claudette? His imeccably tailored son-in-law, Jean-Noel? Pete Sawyer must keep his eyes open -- and his gun at hand -- to solve this family affair.
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  • Premonition - A Detective Jade Monroe Crime Thriller #4 - cover

    Premonition - A Detective Jade...

    C.M. Sutter

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    Nightmares of horrific murders has North Bend’s local psychic, Kate Pierce, frantic with worry. The dreams are reoccurring and far worse than usual. 
    Robert Lynch, a knife wielding lunatic, is about to be released from an Atlanta prison after being incarcerated for ten years. The connection between Kate and Robert is deeply personal and she remembers his threats. Kate fears he’ll find her and take her life. 
    With local law enforcement regarding Kate as nothing more than a carnival joke, her pleas of impending danger fall on deaf ears. When word gets out that a killer with a fascination for knives is heading their way, North Bend’s finest finally sits up and takes notice. 
    In order to stop this murderer in his tracks, Sergeant Jade Monroe has a dangerous plan to save Kate’s life, even if it means putting her own in harm’s way. 
    Note: All Detective Jade Monroe books are standalone stories, yet they are best read in chronological order. 
    Series One - Detective Jade Monroe Crime Thriller Series 
    #1 Maniacal 
    #2 Captive 
    #3 Fallacy 
    #4 Premonition 
    #5 Exposed 
    Note: The Jade Monroe FBI Thriller books follow on the heels of the conclusion of Exposed, Book 5 in the Detective Jade Monroe Crime Thriller Series. 
    Series Two – Agent Jade Monroe FBI Thriller Series 
    #1 Snapped  
    #2 Justified 
    #3 Donors 
    #4 Leverage 
    #5 Malice
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  • Unfinished Sentence - The Charlie Davies Mysteries #2 - cover

    Unfinished Sentence - The...

    Clare Kauter

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    Amateur sleuth Charlie Davies is back again, and this time she's taking on a Russian gangster. Maybe. 
    Charlie's boss, the less-than-friendly Adam Baxter, has received information that local club owner Lonny Lionel is, in fact, an escaped foreign criminal - but that's not the kind of thing you can just come out and ask someone. Adam wouldn't normally ask Charlie to help him (she's not exactly his star employee), but she happens to have an 'in' - her friend is dating the man in question. 
    As if that's not enough to deal with, James McKenzie - Charlie's on-again, off-again worst enemy - is being strangely friendly towards her, and now her other nemesis (her former best friend, Celia) is back on the scene, looking to befriend her too. If she doesn't watch out, Charlie is going to run out of adversaries. 
    Oh, apart from that gangster she's spying on, who will torture and murder her if he finds out what she's doing. (If he actually does turn out to be a criminal, that is.) 
    When she stumbles upon a dead body at a local construction site, Charlie starts to think that this time she might be in over her head. 
    Not that it would be that hard - she is pretty short. 
    ***Contains some swearing.***
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  • Death Comes But Once - Decker's War #1 - cover

    Death Comes But Once - Decker's...

    Eric Thomson

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    Zack Decker wanted only one thing in life: to fight as a Marine Pathfinder. But his temper and his loathing for careerist officers cost him dearly. Forced into early retirement, with a wife who left him long ago, no job, no friends and no future, the former sergeant crawled into a bottle and stayed there, moving from planet to planet, looking for some reason to keep on living. Until, that is, he wandered into a bar owned by an old Marine buddy who offered to help. On the run after killing a corrupt cop, and nowhere to hide, he accepted. 
    Decker would have done better to head for the hills, or surrender to the militia, however old friends could be persuasive and he soon found himself signing on as security officer of a starship with dubious owners and a dubious crew, doing things for his new employer that tested the old saying 'Once a Marine, always a Marine.' Curiosity was Decker's other major failing and in short order he was on the run, hunted by a shadowy government organisation, and in possession of a secret that could destroy the Commonwealth. It was a secret to die for, and the people on his trail wanted to make sure he did. Along the way, they forgot that he could still fight like one of the Few...
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