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Mary Barton (NHB Modern Plays) - Stage Version - cover

Mary Barton (NHB Modern Plays) - Stage Version

Elizabeth Gaskell

Publisher: Nick Hern Books

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Elizabeth Gaskell's panoramic novel of Victorian England, adapted for the stage by the author of Iron. Premiered at the Royal Exchange, Manchester, in 2006.
Manchester in the 1840s. By day, Mary Barton works in a dress shop making gowns for the daughters of the newly moneyed mill owners. By night, Mary aspires to join their class. As she strives to better herself, murder, intrigue and romance take over her life and the lives of those she loves.
Fast-paced, epic and exciting, Mary Barton presents a panorama of Manchester life from the mill owners' new prosperity to the thousands of ordinary people living and dying in their factories.
'full of heat and passion, Munro's filleted version retains both Gaskell's beady eye for detail and her compassion for all humanity' - Guardian
'powerful... Manchester's dark history in riveting microcosm' - The Times
Available since: 10/31/2019.
Print length: 112 pages.

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    Four Palestinian men share a cramped prison cell listening to the buses come and go outside. Will the next bus be the one to take them home?
    603, by Palestinian writer by Imad Farajin, is taken from Plays from the Arab World, a collection of five extraordinary plays exploring and reflecting contemporary life across the Near East and North Africa, now available as individual ebooks.
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    Celebrate the incredible journey of Phoebe Waller-Bridge's outrageously funny, blazingly forthright Fleabag, from fringe theatre hit to international cultural phenomenon, in this special edition – featuring the original playscript, never-before-seen colour photos, and exclusive bonus content by Phoebe, director Vicky Jones and key members of the creative team.
    In 2013, Fleabag made its debut as a one-woman show in sixty-seater venue the Big Belly, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe's Underbelly. It was an immediate hit, going on to enjoy two runs at London's Soho Theatre, national and international tours, whilst picking up prizes including Critics' Circle, The Stage, Fringe First and two Off West End Theatre Awards, plus an Olivier Award nomination.
    The 2016 TV adaptation propelled Fleabag and Phoebe to worldwide fame, earning critical acclaim and further accolades including Writers' Guild, Royal Television Society and BAFTA Television Awards. A second series, nominated for eleven Emmys, followed in 2019, along with a sold-out run of the original play in New York.
    This special edition was released alongside Fleabag's first West End run at Wyndham's Theatre, London. It is introduced by Deborah Frances-White, stand-up comedian, writer and host of The Guilty Feminist podcast.
    'Throbs with a concentrated, combustible vitality… Fleabag keeps all contradictory shards and shades of feeling in play at the same time. That's why it's so gloriously disruptive' - The New York Times
    'Never has being a modern woman seemed so painfully funny, brutal, and hopeless all at once' - The Atlantic
    'Filthily funny… the character is a fascinatingly complex creation' - Guardian
    'Sucker-punch funny... I've never seen a play quite like it' - Scotsman
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    'Penetrating, pitch-black and nastily brilliant' - Metro
    'Funny, vibrant, and blunt as a hammerhead' - New York Magazine
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    Matthew Tierney

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    Midday at the Super-Kamiokande  is part existentialist cry, part close encounters of the other kind. Think Kierkegaard in a spacesuit, Kubrik in a Left Bank café.
    Like the neutrino observatory of its title,  Midday at the Super-Kamiokande  seeks "glimpses of the obscure" to carve out meaning, alternately a resistance to rationalism and its champion. It aims to tear through abstraction with the concrete, either catastrophic  -  road accidents, nuclear explosions, floods, extinction, eviction, suicide  -  or quotidian, finding threads of love, empathy, and belief within the fray. These poems delight in aphorism, paradox, puns, and wit, each stanza a closure that moves tangentially to the next, each poem more bricolage than narrative, more shuffle than playlist. These are poems with no middle. These are poems of beginnings, and of ends.
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    This collection of twelve one-act dramas features plays by James Allen, John Kendrick Bangs, Gordon Bottomley, Charles Dickens, Lord Dunsany, Susan Glaspell, George Bernard Shaw, August Strindberg, Marion Craig Wentworth, and William Butler Yeats. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) The Bicyclers read by: Chuck Williamson, David Lawrence, Robert Hoffman, Todd, Elizabeth Klett, Amanda Friday, Kristingj, and Tricia G  The Dark Lady of the Sonnets read by: Chris Marcellus, Elizabeth Klett, Algy Pug, Christine Nendza, CaprishaPage  Eolaus, a Dramatic Poem read by: Noel Badrian, om123, Kristingj, Carol Box, Rhonda Federman, Algy Pug, Elizabeth Klett, Cathy Barratt  Fame and the Poet read by: Max Korlinge, Delmar H. Dolbier, Elizabeth Klett  Is She His Wife? read by: Algy Pug, Noel Badrian, Tricia G, Elizabeth Klett, Christine Nendza, Kristingj  King Lear's Wife read by: Algy Pug,  Bev. J. Stevens, Elizabeth Klett, Arielle Lipshaw, Christine Nendza, Rhonda Federman, Nathaniel W. C. Higgins, April Gonzales  The Land of Heart's Desire read by: Noel Badrian, Liberty Stump, Chris Marcellus, Amanda Friday, Algy Pug, Kristingj, Chuck Williamson  Mr. Nightingale's Diary read by: AllenJohns, Todd, Kristingj, Elizabeth Klett, Algy Pug, Duan, Amanda Friday, Chuck Williamson  The Stronger read by: Kristingj and Elizabeth Klett  Trifles read by: Chuck Williamson, Delmar H. Dolbier, Robert Hoffman, Margaret Espaillat, Kristingj, Amy Wack  War Brides read by: Amanda Friday, Christine Nendza, Margaret Espaillat, Chuck Williamson, Duan, Chris Marcellus, Robert Hoffman, Tricia G, Ernst Pattynama  Woman's Honor read by: Chuck Williamson, Todd, Tricia G, Margaret Espaillat, Liberty Stump, Kristingj, Elizabeth Klett, Amanda Friday, Arielle Lipshaw, CaprishaPage
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  • Plasticine (NHB Modern Plays) - cover

    Plasticine (NHB Modern Plays)

    Vassily Sigarev

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    An extraordinary and disturbing play about post-Communist Russia by a young Siberian-born writer.
    Evening Standard Award for Most Promising Playwright
    Anti-Booker Prize, Moscow
    In a faceless city in the depths of present-day Russia a young boy dies. Women in the street are drunk, fight and demand sex. Maksim, a schoolboy, makes his way through this urban hell. His only retreat is into a private world moulded by himself, out of which springs a final act of reckless courage.
    'Watching this impressive and disturbing howl of a play by the young Russian writer, Vassily Sigarev, is like taking a walk through a rough, druggy London scene after closing time... it has flashes of almost comic grotesquery, vividly communicates an alarming sense of contemporary urban Russia on the verge of anarchy and breakdown' - Evening Standard
    'This extraordinary play lasts only 75 minutes, but watching Dominic Cooke's brilliant production you feel you have been to hell and back. Plasticine offers a nightmarish trip to the lower depths of contemporary Russia, and the sheer power of the staging leaves you reeling' - Daily Telegraph
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  • Ghosts - cover


    Henrik Ibsen

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    Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts was first published in 1881 and staged in 1882, and like his earlier play A Doll's House, profoundly shocked his contemporaries.  Dubbed "a dirty deed done in public" by one of its critics, the play focuses on (among other things) venereal disease, euthanasia, and incest.  The original title literally means "the ones who return," and the play is about how we can deal with the awful legacy of the past. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)Cast:Mrs. Alving: Elizabeth KlettOswald Alving: mbPastor Manders: Bruce PirieJacob Engstrand: Algy PugRegina Engstrand: AvailleNarrator: J. M. SmallheerAudio edited by: mb
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