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This Rake of Mine - cover

This Rake of Mine

Elizabeth Boyle

Publisher: HarperCollins e-books

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Scandal, outrage, ruin, rapture ... Who knows where one kiss can lead?

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    Zeke Foster has little to no experience with women over the past couple of years, after being injured in Afghanistan. Brutally scarred, he has no expectation that he’ll ever find a woman capable of accepting him the way he is. But he can’t help but be enamored of Ember, the waitress of a local watering hole.  
    Ember Norton’s life has turned into one devastating catastrophe after another. When the scarred soldier with the kind eyes brings some security to her life, she’s afraid to trust her luck. She’s been self-sufficient for a long time. But his wounded soul calls to her and she finds herself falling for him.  
    In spite of the secrets he continues to keep.
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    Jonni is a city sophisticate and a country girl. She has never given up her love for country living, even as a model in New York. Jonni’s fiancé, Trevor, is the perfect accompaniment to her glamorous city lifestyle.Gabe Stockman, however, is decidedly different. After meeting him again at her parents’ ranch in Kansas, Jonni is suddenly filled with doubts and uncertainties. She faces a difficult choice: the elegant, well‑mannered man she is engaged to, or the earthy, vital ranchman who believes that Jonni belongs in the country—and in his arms.
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  • Tainted By Temptation - cover

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    Which were more dangerous—his secret desires. . . or her own?  
    Cruel false gossip and scandal follow Velvet Campbell everywhere she goes in London—and for the sake of her sanity she must get away. Accepting a position as governess at an estate in remote Cornwall, Velvet hopes to start over, untainted by rumor. But she finds to her dismay that her new employer—the darkly handsome Lucian Pendar—is, himself, the subject of whispered insinuations . . . that he hurled his wife to her death from nearby treacherous cliffs.  
    But angel or demon, Lucian affects Velvet in ways she never dreamed possible, causing her heart to race, stealing the breath from her body with a look. As their mutual attraction grows, there is no resisting the passion that flares between them. Yet, as secrets from both their pasts rise to the surface, Velvet is haunted by one inescapable question: has she found a kindred spirit, her destined love . . . or placed herself in dire peril?
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  • Needing Her - A Novella - cover

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    A fabulous, fun, and sexy New Adult novella from New York Times bestselling author Molly McAdams. If you loved Connor in From Ashes, this is the story for you. 
    She's the Girl Next Door 
    Maci Price isn't really into relationships. Having four very protective older brothers has always made having a boyfriend very difficult anyway. But her friend is set on finding her the right guy—and thinks the mysterious Connor Green is the perfect pick. 
    He's Her Brother's Best Friend 
    Connor Green is trying to find himself again. He loved, then lost, and it's time for him to pick up the pieces. His brooding is making his friends crazy, but Maci, who has grown up into a gorgeous and incredibly sexy woman, is about to break the spell. 
    They're Made for Each Other  
    When Maci starts up old pranks to get Connor out of his slump, an all-out war leads to a night that will break all their rules … and a relationship they must keep hidden. Together they're electric. Apart they're safe. And soon they'll each find that they're exactly what the other needs.
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  • Falling For My Best Friend's Brother - cover

    Falling For My Best Friend's...

    Helen Cooper, J. S. Cooper

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    New Standalone book from New York Times Bestselling authors J.S. Cooper and Helen Cooper
    Aiden Taylor.
    He’s devastatingly handsome, sexy, arrogant and he’s out of reach. 
    He’s my best friend’s brother and the one man I can’t have. 
    However, now that my best friend Liv is getting married, I’m seeing him more than ever. 
    And he’s doing things to me that are making it hard for me to forget him. 
    Or that night we had years ago. 
    The night neither of us wants to talk about. 
    The night I really want to talk about. We both vowed to keep our secret. 
    It’s just getting harder and harder to keep it to myself. 
    I need to come up with a plan. 
    And I need to come up with it now because every weekend it’s getting harder and harder to tell myself that I’m not falling for my best friend’s brother.
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  • Falling for the CEO - Wild Brothers #1 - cover

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    RE-RELEASE - Previously titled Falling for the CEO 
    When unemployed college graduate Annabelle receives a mysterious job offer from a company to which she has never applied to, she can't say no. But the job comes with a complication.  
    Her boss is a sexy and arrogant soon-to-be billionaire playboy who always gets what he wants. He likes to play games and he's keeping a secret: he's Annabelle's one and only one night stand.  
    As they get locked into a game of seduction, both are shocked to find themselves falling for each other...  
    This standalone novel contains a substantial excerpt of the next book in the series, The Debt. Both are steamy books which follow two different couples.  
    ** This is a hot and steamy romance, which is ideal for fans of Sylvia Day, J.S. Cooper, and Lauren Blakely **  
    ***Contains mature situations and graphic language ***
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