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In the woods somewhere - cover

In the woods somewhere

Eduardo Felipe Gimenez Corazza

Publisher: Albatroz

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Tor Witzøe is a young FBI agent who is closely connected to events of his past, and is watched from afar by an enti ty since his childhood.
When he is called to solve a complex case involving the Russian Mob, he and his partner Ivan leave the U.S. and fl y to Russia to investi gate a large company called Völgen, led by the Ludrov brothers.
An engaging plot involving sexual slavery, money laundering and
murder leads them to face situati ons of anguish and despair in the extreme cold of the Russian winter.
Moreover, in order to return home, they will also have to decipher the enigmas of their minds.
Under the Moon and the Wolves is the fi rst part of the trilogy of In the Woods Somewhere, by author Eduardo F. Gimenez Corazza.
The fullness of the images that the author evokes are able to draw us completely to the scenes of the book, showing the splendid beauty of this work that inaugurates the series with the strength of a decadeslong hatred between opposing countries in an exciti ng police thriller.

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