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The Shepheard's Calender: Twelve Aeglogues Proportional to the Twelve Monethes - cover

The Shepheard's Calender: Twelve Aeglogues Proportional to the Twelve Monethes

Edmund Spenser

Publisher: anboco

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Go, little Book! thyself present,
As child whose parent is unkent,
To him that is the President
Of Nobleness and Chivalry:
And if that Envy bark at thee,
As sure it will, for succour flee
Under the shadow of his wing.
And, asked who thee forth did bring,
A shepheard's swain, say, did thee sing,
All as his straying flock he fed:
And, when his Honour has thee read,
Crave pardon for thy hardyhed.
But, if that any ask thy name,
Say, thou wert base-begot with blame;
Forthy thereof thou takest shame.
And, when thou art past jeopardy,
Come tell me what was said of me,
And I will send more after thee.
Available since: 08/22/2016.
Print length: 500 pages.

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