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STORIES FROM THE FAERIE QUEENE - 8 stories from the epic poem - cover

STORIES FROM THE FAERIE QUEENE - 8 stories from the epic poem

Edmund Spenser, Retold by Jeanie Lang, Illustrated By Rose Le Quesne

Publisher: Abela Publishing

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More than four hundred years ago there lived in England a poet named Edmund Spenser (1552 – 1599). He was brave and true and gentle, and he loved all that was beautiful and good.
Edmund Spenser wrote many poems, and the most beautiful of all is the one called ‘The Faerie Queen’ from which the 8 illustrated stories in this volume are taken.

While there are many, many stories in ‘The Faerie Queen,’ Jeanie Lang, niece to the great Andrew Lang, and out of them all she has retold eight in story form. Each story has an illustration drawn by Miss Rose Le Quesne.

The 8 stories in this volume are:

	Una and the Lion
	St. George and the Dragon
	Britomart and the Magic Mirror
	The Quest of Sir Guyon
	Cambell and Triamond
	Marinell, the Sea-Nymph’s Son
	Florimell and the Witch

Within each story is a virtue and a moral to teach children how to live a good life.
So, we invite you to  download this eBook and sit back with a steaming hot beverage and be prepared to be entertained for hours.

10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities.
KEYWORDS/TAGS: Folklore, fairy tales, myths, legends, folk tales, children’s stories, bedtime, fables, culture, cultural, Una, Lion, St. George, Dragon, Britomart, Magic Mirror, Quest, Sir Guyon, Pastorella, Cambell, Triamond, Marinell, Sea-Nymph, Son, Florimell, Witch, virtues, action, adventure, lessons, morals, teach, learn
Available since: 04/13/2018.

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