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Gothic Classics: 60+ Books in One Volume - cover

Gothic Classics: 60+ Books in One Volume

H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Henry James, Wilkie Collins, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Arthur Machen, William Hope Hodgson, Arthur Conan Doyle, Grant Allen, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, Théophile Gautier, Richard Marsh, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, Charles Dickens, Fitz-James O'Brien, Horace Walpole, William Thomas Beckford, Eliza Parsons, William Godwin, Ann Radcliffe, Matthew Gregory Lewis, Charles Brockden Brown, Jane Austen, Thomas Love Peacock, John William Polidori, Washington Irving, Charles Robert Maturin, James Hogg, Victor Hugo, Frederick Marryat, Nikolai Gogol, Charlotte Brontë, Emily Brontë, James Malcolm Rymer, Thomas Peckett Prest, George Eliot, Robert Louis Stevenson, Oscar Wilde, Anna Katharine Green, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, George MacDonald, John Meade Falkner, H. G. Wells, W. Jacobs, Robert Hugh Benson, Gaston Leroux

Translator Samuel Henley, Isabel F. Hapgood, C.J. Hogarth

Publisher: Musaicum Books

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Musaicum Books present to you a collection of the greatest gothic & macabre classics of all time:
The Orphan of the Rhine
Nightmare Abbey
The Tell-Tale Heart
The Fall of the House of Usher
The Cask of Amontillado
The Masque of the Red Death
The Castle of Otranto
The Castle of Wolfenbach
Caleb Williams
The Mysteries of Udolpho
The Italian
The Monk
Northanger Abbey
The Black Cat
The Murders in the Rue Morgue
The Vampyre
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Melmoth the Wanderer
The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner
The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
The Phantom Ship
St, John's Eve
The Mysterious Portrait
Jane Eyre
Wuthering Heights
Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street
The House of the Seven Gables
Rappaccini's Daughter
The Birth Mark
The Lifted Veil
The Woman in White
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Uncle Silas
The Hound of the Baskervilles
The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Horla
The Forsaken Inn
The Great God Pan
The Lost Stradivarius
The Island of Doctor Moreau
The Beetle
The Turn of the Screw
The Jewel of Seven Stars (Original 1903 Edition)
The Monkey's Paw
The Necromancers
The Phantom of the Opera
The Mummy's Foot
The House on the Borderland
The Boats of the Glen Carrig
Wolverden Tower
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
The Call of Cthulhu
Available since: 05/07/2021.
Print length: 10814 pages.

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    From its transatlantic roots it has absorbed the sons and daughters of other cultures, other lands and made them part of her own. 
    America prides itself on liberty, on justice for all and, if you are a wealthy white man, that is essentially true.  Sadly, many other segments of society find it difficult to feel or become part of this endeavour. 
    Within this chronological history of the American short story, that prejudice has helped shape the borders of those two endless questions about any anthology.  Why that story? Why that Author? 
    We made some hard choices.  We start with Uriah Derrick Dárcy, an unlikely American name and, to all intents, it appears to be a pseudonym, about whom little is known or can be verified. He leads our literary parade.  From here leviathans appear on a regular basis; Hawthorne, Poe, Melville, Twain but also note how many women are here and not just Stowe, Alcott and Chopin.  Women’s status as writers is often neglected or undervalued, predominantly due to their second-class social status throughout much of history but their stories, their angles of approach to writing are both expertly crafted and refreshing.   
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    There are some authors, liberally sprinkled throughout, both male and female who may previously have escaped your attention.  Enjoy them.  Adore them.  Make them part of your everyday reading and listening.  These forgotten voices are fine examples both of their craft, their art, and their take on society as it was then. 
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    And, of course, the elephant in the room was the English.  In its early days US copyright law was non-existent and didn’t recognise anyone else’s.  Publishers were free to take the talents of Dickens or Trollope and freely print it without permission or coin.   Competing against that, gave you a decided disadvantage. 
    Within these stories you will also find very occasional examples of historical prejudice.  A few words here and there which in today’s world some may find inappropriate or even offensive.  It is not our intention to make anyone uncomfortable but to show that the world in order to change must reconcile itself to the actual truth rather than put it out of sight.  Context is everything, both to understand and to illuminate the path forward.  The author’s words are set, our reaction to them encourages our change. 
    Within this melting pot of styles, genres and wordplay one fact stands out: The American short story Literary tradition has a strong, vibrant and almost inclusive history, if you know where to look.  Which is here
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    Episode 2: Ruth and Angie on Twiggy and Apple Records director Ron Kass. The advent of Mary Hopkin. Sleeping with Rod Stewart. Secrets of Paul’s bedroom at his dad’s home in Liverpool. Mike McCartney’s famous overnight guests. Dusty Springfield and Madeline Bell implode 1967. Macca seldom drank. The phycology of the McCartney Clan. Paul’s songwriting habits. Secrets of She’s Leaving Home, Hey Jude, Norwegian Wood, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, When I’m 64. Paul to marry Cynthia Lennon? On Drake’s Drum Jim McCartney’s very successful race horse. Jim was a careful gambler. Linda redecorates Rembrandt with disastrous results. Termites in Beatle Paul’s bed! A sexual McCartneys? Angie likes Linda. Angie’s does not like Paul. Ruth breaks down in a very emotional plea to her brother. The ghosts of John Lennon and Jimmy Mac. Who is the real Paul McCartney. The role of Linda in Paul’s life. Paul is often a moral coward. Ruth becomes a pop star in Russia.Contains adult language and mature themes. Not recommended for children.  Dedicated to Vrndarani Devi 1953-2017Produced by Fred BetschenEdited by Macc KayMusic by AudioNautix.comProject Coordinator Alex Franchi
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