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CALL "M" FOR MURDER: Ultimate Collection - 885 Murder Mysteries Thriller Novels & Detective Stories in One Edition - 880+ True Crime Stories Action Thrillers Whodunit Mysteries & Supernatural Mysteries: Sherlock Holmes Dr Thorndyke Cases Bulldog Drummond Detective Standish Martin Hewitt... - cover

CALL "M" FOR MURDER: Ultimate Collection - 885 Murder Mysteries Thriller Novels & Detective Stories in One Edition - 880+ True Crime Stories Action Thrillers Whodunit Mysteries & Supernatural Mysteries: Sherlock Holmes Dr Thorndyke Cases Bulldog Drummond Detective Standish Martin Hewitt...

Edgar Allan Poe, Wilkie Collins, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Erskine Childers, William Le Queux, Émile Gaboriau, Ambrose Bierce, Melville Davisson Post, E. W. Hornung, Louis Tracy, Richard Marsh, Allan Pinkerton, Edgar Wallace, G. K. Chesterton, Sax Rohmer, Agatha Christie, E. Phillips Oppenheim, Marie Belloc Lowndes, A. Milne, Carolyn Wells, Anna Katharine Green, Murray Leinster, Arthur Conan Doyle, Ernest Bramah, E. C. Bentley, Auguste Groner, R. Austin Freeman, H. Beam Piper, Fred M. White, H.C. McNeile, Frank H. Spearman, Catherine Louisa Pirkis, Cleveland Moffett, Arthur B. Reeve, Arthur Morrison, Frank Froest, Pierre Souvestre, Frank L. Packard, Jackson Gregory, J.S. Fletcher, Arthur J. Rees, Freeman Wills Crofts, H.C. Bailey, Victor L. Whitechurch, Louis Joseph Vance, A. E. W. Mason, Marcel Allain, Frederic Arnold Kummer, Thomas W. Hanshew, Anna Maynard Barbour, James Hay, John R. Coryell, Arthur Cheney Train, Rober Barr, C. N. Williamson, A. M. Williamson, Isabel Ostander

Publisher: e-artnow

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e-artnow presents to you this meticulously edited thriller collection, formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
Excerpt from Content:
Arthur Conan Doyle:
Sherlock Holmes Series
True Crime Stories
Edgar Wallace:
Four Just Men
P.-C. Lee
The Angel of Terror… 
Marie Belloc Lowndes:
The Lodger
The End of Her Honeymoon…
Auguste Groner:
Detective Joe Muller Cases:
The Case of the Golden Bullet
The Case of the Registered Letter
The Case of the Lamp That Went Out
The Case of the Pool of Blood in the Pastor's Study
Mary Roberts Rinehart:
Tish Carberry Series
The Breaking Point…
Arthur J. Rees:
The Hampstead Mystery
The Hand in the Dark…
Louis Tracy:
Detectives White & Furneaux Mysteries
Reginald Brett, Barrister 
Detective Claude Bruce
Detective-Inspector Clancy…
Sax Rohmer:
Detective Gaston Max
Dr. Fu Manchu Series…
E. Phillips Oppenheim: 
The Evil Shepherd
The Cinema Murder
The Avenger
The Survivor
G. K. Chesterton:
Father Brown
The Man Who Knew Too Much…
Arthur B. Reeve:
Craig Kennedy 
The Dream Doctor
The War Terror…
Richard Marsh:
Crime and the Criminal
The Master of Deception.. 
Wilkie Collins:
The Woman in White
No Name…
Edgar Allan Poe:
The Murders in the Rue Morgue
The Mystery of Marie Roget
The Purloined Letter
The Gold Bug…
Émile Gaboriau:
Monsieur Lecoq…
Agatha Christie: 
The Mysterious Affair at Styles
The Secret Adversary
Carolyn Wells:
Fleming Stone Mysteries
The Clue
The Gold Bag
A Chain of Evidence
The Maxwell Mystery
Anybody But Anne
The White Alley
William Le Queux:
Devil's Dice
If Sinners Entice Thee
Hushed Up! A Mystery of London
Marcel Allain & Pierre Souvestre:
The Phantom Detective 
E. C. Bentley:
Trent's Last Case
A. A. Milne:
The Red House Mystery
Anna Maynard Barbour:
That Mainwaring Affair
At the Time Appointed
A. E. W. Mason:
Detective Gabriel Hanaud:
At the Villa Rose
The Affair at the Semiramis Hotel        
Cleveland Moffett:
Through the Wall
Louis Joseph Vance:
The Lone Wolf…
Murray Leinster:
Murder Madness
Available since: 08/05/2018.
Print length: 64111 pages.

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