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BEACH BOOKS Boxed Set: The Greatest Sea Adventure Novels Pirate Books & Treasure-Hunt Tales - The Mutiny of the Elsinore 20 000 Leagues under the Sea The Sea-Hawk Captain Blood Robinson Crusoe The Pirate The Sea Wolf Moby Dick Treasure Island… - cover

BEACH BOOKS Boxed Set: The Greatest Sea Adventure Novels Pirate Books & Treasure-Hunt Tales - The Mutiny of the Elsinore 20 000 Leagues under the Sea The Sea-Hawk Captain Blood Robinson Crusoe The Pirate The Sea Wolf Moby Dick Treasure Island…

Edgar Allan Poe, Jules Verne, Herman Melville, Joseph Conrad, Daniel Defoe, L. Frank Baum, James Fenimore Cooper, Tobias Smollett, Frederick Marryat, Randall Parrish, Walter Scott, Rudyard Kipling, Rafael Sabatini, R. M. Ballantyne, Victor Hugo, Charles Boardman Hawes, Jeffery Farnol, Ralph Henry Barbour, R. L. Stevenson, Thomas Mayne Reid, Jack London

Publisher: e-artnow

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e-artnow presents this meticulously edited and formatted collections of the greatest sea adventure novels to be enjoyed next to the sound of crushing waves in front of you… or at least with the background sound of calming waves in your home:
Captain Charles Johnson: 
The History of Pirates 
R. L. Stevenson:
Treasure Island
Jack London:
The Sea Wolf
The Mutiny of the Elsinore
A Son of the Sun
Daniel Defoe:
Robinson Crusoe
Captain Singleton
Tobias Smollett:
The Adventures of Roderick Random
Walter Scott:
The Pirate
Frederick Marryat:
Mr. Midshipman Easy
Masterman Ready; Or, The Wreck of the "Pacific"
Edgar Allan Poe:
The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket
James Fenimore Cooper:
The Pilot: A Tale of the Sea
The Red Rover
Afloat and Ashore: A Sea Tale
Miles Wallingford
Homeward Bound; Or, The Chase: A Tale of the Sea
Thomas Mayne Reid:
The Ocean Waifs: A Story of Adventure on Land and Sea
Victor Hugo:
Toilers of the Sea
Herman Melville:
Moby Dick
Benito Cereno
R. M. Ballantyne:
The Coral Island: A Tale of the Pacific Ocean
Fighting the Whales
Jules Verne:
The Voyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras
In Search of the Castaways; Or, The Children of Captain Grant
20 000 Leagues under the Sea
Dick Sand: A Captain at Fifteen
An Antarctic Mystery
L. Frank Baum:
Sam Steele's Adventures on Land and Sea
Randall Parrish:
Wolves of the Sea
Charles Boardman Hawes:
The Dark Frigate
The Mutineers
Joseph Conrad:
The Nigger of the 'Narcissus'
Lord Jim
The Shadow Line
The Arrow of Gold
Rudyard Kipling:
Captains Courageous
Ralph Henry Barbour:
The Adventure Club Afloat 
Rafael Sabatini:
Captain Blood
The Sea-Hawk
Jeffery Farnol:
Black Bartlemy's Treasure
Martin Conisby's Vengeance

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