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Keto Meal Prep - The Essential Guide for Beginners with 100 Keto Meal Prep Recipes and a 30-Day Meal Plan (Prep Grab & Go Recipes Batch Cooking Clean Eating & Make Ahead Meals) - cover

Keto Meal Prep - The Essential Guide for Beginners with 100 Keto Meal Prep Recipes and a 30-Day Meal Plan (Prep Grab & Go Recipes Batch Cooking Clean Eating & Make Ahead Meals)

Eddy Moore

Publisher: MarkHollis

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Meal prepping your keto meals weekly is the needed solution to saving cost, saving time and losing that excess weight. The ketogenic diet becomes very effective when it is rightly implemented. Consequently, when you plan and prep your keto meals weekly, reaching those seemingly out-of-the-way fitness and nutrition goals turn out to be easy.  
The Keto Meal Prep Cookbook is a practical guide for beginners with a step-by-step and action-based approach to keto meal prepping. You will find 100 delicious, simple and efficient keto meal prep recipes with a 30-day meal plan to help you get started on your meal prepping journey. Here is a preview of what this book contains...
o    A detailed kickstart guide
o    Different meal prep methods that you can try out
o    How to create a plan that works and suits you
o    Evaluating and then shopping
o    Proper Meal prepping
o    How to store your meals, their storage life and other refrigerator-friendly foods
o    100 keto meal prep recipes, and 
o    A 30-day meal plan.
With keto meal prepping, you are electing to live a lifestyle that is happier, healthier and hassle-free!

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    Take Back the Tray is part manifesto, part memoir from the trenches, and a blueprint for reclaiming control from corporations and brutal bottom lines. Maharaj reconnects food with health, wellness, education, and rehabilitation in a way that serves people, not just budgets, and proves change is possible with honest, sustained commitment on all levels, from government right down to the person sorting the trash. The need is clear, the time is now, and this revolution is delicious.
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    “Selengut cracks the code of every food lover’s favorite fungi, telling us how to . . . showcase them in recipes that will get stomachs rumbling.” —Joe Yonan, author of Cool Beans 
    Chosen as One of the Best Cookbooks of 2014 by NPR 
    We’re seeing a growing number of supermarkets and farmers markets displaying types of mushrooms that are leaving shoppers scratching their heads. Home cooks and chefs alike will need a book and an educated guide to walk them through the basics of cooking everything from portobellos and morels to chanterelles and the increasingly available, maitake, oyster, and beech mushrooms. 
    In a voice that’s informed, but friendly and down-to-earth, Chef Becky Selengut’s Shroom is a book for anyone looking to add mushrooms to their food, find new ways to use mushrooms as part of a diet trending towards less meat, or diversify their repertoire with mushroom-accented recipes inspired from Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese cuisines, among others. Recipes include Maitake Tikka Masala, King Trumpet and Tomato Sandwiches with Spicy Mayo, and Hedgehog Mushrooms and Cheddar Grits with Fried Eggs and Tabasco Honey.  
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    “The recipes in Shroom are sure to put a pep in your step and guide you through the amazing variety of mushrooms awaiting the adventurous cook.” —Kevin Gillespie, author of Pure Pork Awesomeness
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  • Vegan Diet for Beginners - Delicious Plant Based Recipes The Perfect Vegan Lifestyle for Weight Loss with a Meal Plan Easily to Combine with Keto Diet An Effective Cookbook to Start Eating Healthy - cover

    Vegan Diet for Beginners -...

    Sarah Meyer

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    Do you wonder what is the best way to lose weight naturally, safely and without too many sacrifices?Do you want to monitor your blood values, cholesterol, and detoxify your body? 
    All this is possible! 
    Very often vegan nutrition is associated with a life of renunciation and tasteless foods. 
    You'll find that there's nothing more wrong than this! 
    If you want to start improving your body, this beginner's guide is just what you should read, because it will allow you to start, without stress, a plant-based diet easily applicable every day, without sacrificing tasty foods. 
    All the tips you'll find in this audio-cookbook are designed to help you develop healthy dietary preferences and safely abandon the carnivorous diet, which can be so harmful to your body. 
    This guide has the best vegan diet recipes to get you started with your newly found lifestyle. 
    Here are the recipe groups covered:BreakfastMain dishesSidesGrains and dishesSauces, dressing and dipsInternational vegan cuisine...and more! 
     The simplicity of the recipes you'll find inside will leave you amazed, not to mention the taste of the meals you can create and that, I'm sure, will leave your guests speechless! 
     All you have to do is click the BUY button! What are you waiting for? Take this audiobook to be happy and start a new healthy vegan lifestyle.
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  • Ketogenic Diet - Healthy Fats and Low-Carb Diet Tips - cover

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    Healthy Fats and Low-Carb Diet Tips 
    One of the most effective handbooks concerning the ketogenic diet you'll ever come across. 
    You possibly already have knowledge of what the ketogenic diet is, but how much do you truly know about it? That's exactly where this book comes in. With all of this kind of information, you'll be better able to decide if it's for you, or to go on with it in the proper manner. You will learn a whole lot more about issues like: 
    - Intriguing ways the ketogenic diet has helped thousands of men and women reduce weight. 
    - A strategy for you to reduce a lot more pounds or kilos as quickly as possible. 
    - Extra documentation that has actually been discovered which points out fatty acids can be good for you. 
    - The most helpful types of food choices that are going to make you slim and a lot more healthy. 
    - Various approaches to remain on a ketogenic diet, so you can study your choices. 
    - As well as so many more subjects that are relevant to the ketogenic diet plan. 
    Do any of these sound like a nice way to becoming much more knowledgeable? Does your physical health really matter to you? Is the ketogenic diet plan something for you? If you replied yes to any of these questions (or each one of them), then I urge you to start studying right away. 
    Go ahead and get it already!
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