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Running beyond borders - 7 Marathons 7 Continents 7 Days - cover

Running beyond borders - 7 Marathons 7 Continents 7 Days

Dr. Thomas Taut

Translator Dr. Thomas Taut

Publisher: Egoth Verlag

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In SPORTaktiv, one of Austria´s biggest magazine covering active sports, the report about my sporty trip around the world started with this particular statement. That was a bit disappointing for me at first sight. The editor in chief was obviously surprised by my appearance regardless of all of his years of experience.
Right at the start of my key note speeches I almost always experience the same amazement, sometimes followed by the bewildered question: "This is – you?! " Your expectations and my reality are colliding nearly at the speed of light. Oh yes, I had to become used to look into so many disappointed eyes right at the start of my presentations.
"Nobody on the street would believe, what Thomas Taut from Vienna, Austria, has achieved."
To run seven full marathons on seven continents within seven (consecutive) days is a mighty challenge, indeed. But exactly how is one capable of accomplishing this task actually supposed to look like? Well, personally I would expect winners: well trained sportsmen, athletic from head to toe, young and strong, powerful and fast, lean and successful. As is for instance the following couple:

Yes, I believe they could make it both after some specific training. And then comes my appearance, as an extreme athlete. Old, slightly obese - at least in comparison -, plagued by allergic asthma. But it is ME who has conquered the World Marathon Challenge and no one else from Austria! Oh, I see. Those impressions do not fit together and this discrepancy matters. It is therefore important right at the start to overcome any such prejudices and to open your hearts to me. Only after having heard or read my story in full you will be able to expand your own imaginations. And you, too, will become able to realize and utilize a lot more of your inner powers.
I may tell here not from my previous achievements as a nuclear physicist, not from my several other former professions and not from gardening, my second biggest passion. These are not the reasons you grabbed this book for the first time. No, this writing is all about my side activities as a hobby-jogger like million others!
I am of limited talents in all kinds of sport, unfortunately. But I am in with all my body and soul. 
I have started running as late as at the age of 35 years. But I had soon developed big visions. 
I have never won a race. But also never quit one. My motto is: "Not fast – not last! "
I have never been a top athlete. But I have been following the road all the way to extreme sport.
And with this new self-confidence I want to answer the above question: "This is – you?! " now with "Yes, this is me. You do not have to be perfect to accomplish the unthinkable. And believe me, there are still several more challenges left on my bucket list! "
The IT nerds use to say: "It's not a bug, it's a feature! " Yes, I may be old, small and slower than previously. But despite my age of 53 years I had been rising up to the same level as Vanessa and Marcel, Austria´s top sportswoman and –man of the year 2019!
Vanessa Herzog, the world champion in speed skating, can be booked for key note speeches on the very same platform as I (Sports.Selection). And my first book has been published by the very same company (egoth) as the biography of Marcel Hirscher, the eight times skiing world cup champion, winner of several titles at Olympic games and world championships. Both our books stand close together and fight there for the attention of interested readers.
Do you want to know how this development was possible? What it took? How it all began? But also which personalities I got to know on the way? Which lessons I have learned? And how much it enriched my life?
Let yourself be taken onto a round-the-world trip into the incredible!

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