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Racial Conflicts and Afro-Americans - cover

Racial Conflicts and Afro-Americans

Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Amir Ayub Chishti

Publisher: Publishdrive

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This work is an attempt to objectively examine the impact of racial conflict between the Afro Americans and the white of United States of America, with special reference to the work of Richard Wright, James Baldwin and Ralph Ellison.
Available since: 11/15/2022.
Print length: 167 pages.

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    Famous for turning around the wire management company Wiremold, where he rethought every aspect of operations from the customer's standpoint--and got everyone else in the company to do likewise--Byrne has successfully implemented Lean strategies in more than 30 companies in 14 different countries. 
    In The Lean Turnaround, this legendary business leader shares everything he has learned during his remarkable career and shows how anyone can achieve similar results. His primary message is this: Lean strategy isn't just for manufacturing. In fact, Byrne is using this very approach in his present position at a private equity firm. 
    Whatever type of company you run, Lean can be used to improve virtually every aspect of operations, from training and leading employees to accounting and payroll issues. The Lean Turnaround explains all the ins and outs of applying Lean strategy to: Eliminate waste in every value-added operationDeliver consistent value to customersStimulate growth and add jobsIncrease wealth for all your stakeholdersBuild a company culture of continuous improvement (kaizen)
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    One of the most eminent historians of our age investigates the extraordinary success of five small maritime statesAndrew Lambert, author of The Challenge: Britain Against America in the Naval War of 1812—winner of the prestigious Anderson Medal—turns his attention to Athens, Carthage, Venice, the Dutch Republic, and Britain, examining how their identities as “seapowers” informed their actions and enabled them to achieve success disproportionate to their size.Lambert demonstrates how creating maritime identities made these states more dynamic, open, and inclusive than their lumbering continental rivals. Only when they forgot this aspect of their identity did these nations begin to decline. Recognizing that the United States and China are modern naval powers—rather than seapowers—is essential to understanding current affairs, as well as the long-term trends in world history. This volume is a highly original “big think” analysis of five states whose success—and eventual failure—is a subject of enduring interest, by a scholar at the top of his game.
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