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Overcome Anxiety - How To Stop The Cycle Of Anxiety Worry And Fear So You Can Regain Control Of Your Life - cover

Overcome Anxiety - How To Stop The Cycle Of Anxiety Worry And Fear So You Can Regain Control Of Your Life

Dr. Michael C. Melvin

Publisher: Dr. Michael C. Melvin

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Are you constantly worried, afraid, or nervous?
Do you find that you have trouble falling or staying asleep? Do you often wonder why you can’t stop worrying and why you’re always so fearful?
If these kinds of thoughts are keeping you up at night, you could be suffering from an anxiety disorder.
This guide will show you how to finally stop the cycle of anxiety, worry, and fear so that you can regain control of your life.
Here’s what you’ll discover inside this guide:

	You’ll understand what anxiety is and how it differs from stress. 
	You’ll be able to determine the kind of anxiety disorder you might be suffer from. 
	You’ll learn how to practice mindfulness to help you overcome your daily anxiety. 
	You’ll discover how to use various breathing techniques to help you stop anxiety attacks. 
	You’ll be shown how you can manage your thoughts as a way to help you control your anxiety. 
	You’ll learn how you can manage your daily activities to help reduce your symptoms of anxiety. 
	You’ll be shown ways that you can find some instant calm to help you overcome anxiety and panic attacks. 
	You’ll learn how to get in tune with your thoughts and feelings so that you can gain control over your anxiety disorder. 
	You’ll come to understand the importance of getting enough sleep if you want to stop constant worry and anxiety. 
	You’ll discover ways to change your lifestyle to help you overcome anxiety and regain control of your life and 
	And much more!

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