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Some Tutorials in Computer Networking Hacking - cover

Some Tutorials in Computer Networking Hacking

Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli

Publisher: Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli

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The objective of this work is to provide some quick tutorials in computer networking hacking.The work includes the following tutorials:Tutorial 1: Setting Up Penetrating Tutorial in Linux.Tutorial 2: Setting Up Penetrating Tutorial in Windows.Tutorial 3: OS Command Injection: Tutorial 4: Basic SQL Injection Commands. Tutorial 5: Manual SQL injection using order by and union select technique.Tutorial 6: Damping SQL Tables and Columns Using the SQL Injection.Tutorial 7: Uploading Shell in the Site having LFI.Tutorial 8: Advanced Way for Uploading ShellTutorial 9: Uploading shell Using Sqli Command.Tutorial 10: Uploading Shell Using SQLmapTutorial 11: Post Based SQL InjectionTutorial 12: Cracking the Hashes Using  Hashcat. Tutorial  13: Hacking windows 7 and 8 through Metasploite Tutorial  14: Tutorial on Cross Site Scripting Tutorial 15: Hacking Android Mobile Using MetasploitTutorial 16: Man of the middle attack:Tutorial 17: Using SQLmap for SQL injectionTutorial 18:  Hide Your IpTutorial 19: Uploading Shell and  Payloads Using SQLmap Tutorial 20: Using Sql Shell in SQLmapTutorial 21: Blind SQL InjectionTutorial 22: Jack Hridoy SQL Injection SolutionTutorial 23: Using Hydra to Get the PasswordTutorial 24: Finding the phpmyadmin page using websploit. Tutorial 25: How to root the server using back connect Tutorial 25: How to root the server using back connectTutorial 26: HTML InjectionTutorial 27: Tutuorial in manual SQl InjectionTutorial 28: Venom psh-cmd-exe payload Tutorial 29: Cross site Request Forgery (CSRF)Tutorial 30: Disable Victim ComputerTutorial 31: Exploit any firefox by  xpi_bootstrapped addonTutorial 32: Hack android mobile with metasploitTutorial 33: PHP Code Injection to Meterpreter SessionTutorial 34: Basic google operatorsTutorial 35: Hacking Credit Cards with googleTutorial 36: Finding Vulnerable Websites in GoogleTutorial 37: Using the httrack to download websiteTutorial 38: Getting the credit cards using sql injection and the SQLi dumperTutorial 39: Using burp suite to brute force password

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    -What are Zone Based Firewalls 
    -Firewall Behavior and TCP State Table 
    -Network Address Translation 
    -Port Address Translation 
    -Demilitarized Zone 
    -TCP & UDP Traffic on Firewalls 
    -Client Connection Process 
    -System Intrusion Indicators 
    -Indicators of Network Intrusion 
    -Anomalous Behaviour 
    -Firewall Implementations & Architectures 
    -Packet Filtering Firewalls 
    -Circuit-level Gateway 
    -Application Firewalls 
    -Stateful Firewalls 
    -Next-Gen Firewalls 
    -Detecting Firewalls 
    -IP address spoofing 
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    -Tiny fragment attack 
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    -Signature-based IDS 
    -Statistical Anomaly-based IDS 
    -Network-Based IDS 
    -Host Intrusion Detection System 
    -Evasion by Confusion 
    -Fragmentation attack 
    -Overlapping Fragments Attack 
    -Time-to-Live attack 
    -DoS Attack & Flooding Attack 
    -IDS weakness Detection 
    -Honeypot Types & Honeypot Detection 
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