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Evaluation of Some Online Payment Providers Services - Best Online Banks and Visa Master Cards Issuers - cover

Evaluation of Some Online Payment Providers Services - Best Online Banks and Visa Master Cards Issuers

Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli

Publisher: Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli

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As Electronic banks and E-wallets and Crypto currency Exchanges are important in internet shopping and Ecommerce and crypto currency trading. We have nowadays many online payment providers and so it becomes very difficult for the users to compare in between them to choose the best in term of deposit and withdraw fees.
I will not go in detail on each payment provider services, rules and fees. I will just list roughly most commonly used online payment providers for sort of comparison in between them. I will specifically compare the withdraw and deposit fees for each one. I will mention also some of the difficulties I met with some of them because lack of their services in my country Palestine.
I will also show how to get Visa and Master Debit Cards online.
The report consists of the following parts:
1. How to get a Visa/Master Card worldwide online
2. Quick comparison of the bank transfer and visa card / master card withdraw fees for most commonly used E-wallets
3. and the problems they create for users by closing their account without reasons:
4. -Advantages and Disadvantages-
6. –Advantages and Disadvantages-
15. eCurrency Money Exchanger:
16. eCurrency Money Exchanger:
23. Webmoney,com
28. How to get ITIN:
29. Getting USA shipment address through
30. Getting free phone number in US or Canada and other countries
31. Other online banks and Visa / Master card issuers
Available since: 10/09/2020.
Print length: 55 pages.

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