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Case Studies for Optimal Control Schemes of Power System with FACTS devices and Power system Fault Analysis and Some Stories of Academic Corruption on My Life - cover

Case Studies for Optimal Control Schemes of Power System with FACTS devices and Power system Fault Analysis and Some Stories of Academic Corruption on My Life

Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli

Publisher: Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli

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This book is divided to three parts related to case Studies for  optimal control schemes of power system with FACTS devices, and power system fault analysis, and some stories of academic corruptions on my life.

	Part A: Optimal Control Schemes for Power System with FACTS Devices
	Part B. Calculation of Critical Distance in Faulted Meshed Power System
	Part C: Real Stories of Academic Corruption in My Life

I. Part A: Optimal Control Schemes for Power System with FACTS Devices:
Most of the control schemes introduced in the existing papers were designed either for eliminating current harmonics or eliminating voltage flickers or for load flow control. So, this work is devoted to find a proper optimal control schemes for a system with series or shunt or series and shunt converters that can provide all functions together. Various optimal control schemes will be designed for systems with series, shunt and series-shunt converters with the objective to control the load flow through a lines and to eliminate current harmonics and voltage flickers with different strategies for tracking. 

II. Part B. Calculation of Critical Distance in Faulted Meshed Power System
Faults studies form an important part of power system analysis. The problem consists of determining bus voltages and line currents during various types of faults. If the fault location is known the problem can be easily solved. But if the fault location is unkown, it is difficult to solve the problem. If the fault location is known the problem can be easily solved. But if the fault location is unkown, it is difficult to solve the problem. This part provided proper solution based in Gauess Seidal to find the critcal distance in meshed power system

III. Part C: Real Stories of Academic Corruption in My Life
In this part, I will speak about the academic corruption I saw in some universities and academic institutions according to my experience with them.


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