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THE POWER OF LOVE - Illustrated Poems about Love and Erotism in English and Italian - Illustrated Poems about Love and Erotism in English and Italian - cover

THE POWER OF LOVE - Illustrated Poems about Love and Erotism in English and Italian - Illustrated Poems about Love and Erotism in English and Italian


Publisher: StreetLib

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Poems about love and erotism traduced from the italian language into the english one (with also the original italian text inside), followed by photographical artworks – i.e. artisitcal photos and wallpapers featuring each poem – or text artworks. Many poems are in rhymes and feature also a psychological content, adding teachings about love and couple to the reader. All the poems are “unisex”, because are intended to be dedicated either to male readers, either to female ones, so this book can be a gift for her and for him as well, thus showing all The Power of Love inside.
A book to make him/her fall in love with you,
to re-energise your relationship,
to know how powerful the love can be,
to experience how many emotions this feeling can give to us,
to dream with open eyes.
Because The Power of Love has no limits...just try it!
By the same author: All the Colors of Love (and many others italian books!)
About the author: Eugenio Flajani Galli is a psychologist, couple therapist, psychosexuologist, writer and poet. He took part in some important TV and radio shows in Italy such as Sky and Mediaset, as well as in several workshops (where he was speaking as a relator) in collaboration with Rotary International

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