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101 Things To Do With Rice - cover

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101 Things To Do With Rice

Donna Kelly, Stephanie Ashcraft

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

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From the authors of 101 Things to Do With Cake Mix and 101 Things to Do With Canned Soup, 101 tasty yet simple ways to serve rice. Whether steamed, baked, fried or rolled, rice is the most widely consumed staple food worldwide with many varieties that vary by region. 101 Things To Do With Rice offers recipes using both long and short grain, wild, risotto, brown, Basmati and more. With so many different varieties and even more ways to serve it, you can enjoy rice for lunch, dinner and dessert. Be sure to try delicious dishes like New Orleans Jambalaya, Lemon Artichoke Rice Soup, Cowboy Rice, Dessert Sushi Rolls and many more!
Available since: 07/07/2015.
Print length: 128 pages.

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    Just a short decade ago “American cheese” meant orange individually wrapped slices. In the rural renaissance of the new century, many Americans have discovered the world of real cheese for the first time. From warm, milky mozzarella and handcrafted goat cheese to complicated Monterey Jack and Gorgonzola, cheese makers and cheese lovers have a broad range of delicious fromage to explore and enjoy. For all of the adventurous cheese lovers who want to make the leap to cheese makers, Cheese It! reduces the mysteries of transforming a couple of gallons of milk into a couple of pounds of delicious cheese. Artisanal cheese maker and author Cole Dawson leads the whey for beginners through the art and science of cheese making, including detailed advice on milk, coagulants and curds, equipment, safety, and more. 
    Fresh Cheese for Today 
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    Mold on Your Molds 
    Learn about washing rinds, the aging process, and the introduction of good bacteria. Make Muenster, Brick, Raclette, Tilsit, and Taleggio at home, plus bloomy rind favorites Camembert, Brie, Chaource, and Crottin. Tackle stinky blue cheeses such as Stilton, Roquefort, Fourme d’Ambert, and Gorgonzola.
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    Recipes for a heart-healthy diet without sacrificing flavor, with nutritional guidance on reducing trans and saturated fats and high cholesterol foods. 
    A low-cholesterol cookbook that offers practically the full spectrum of flavors for the tastebuds! 500 Low-Cholesterol Recipes proves that cutting cholesterol doesn’t mean cutting taste or variety—or spending hours in the kitchen on complicated recipes. Packed with everything from savory stews to sweet treats, you’ll find low-cholesterol versions of all the foods you thought you had to give up, like mouthwatering burgers, fluffy omelets, and creamy desserts. You’ll also find a wide array of international cuisines, from Cajun and Mexican to Italian and Asian. Make staying on the low-cholesterol course easy—and delicious!—with 500 Low-Cholesterol Recipes.
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    ★★Easy and Delicious Keto Chaffles Recipes★★  
    Chaffle are waffles, but the base is made of cheese. A great way! Chaffle is a waffle made from cheese. Cheese and waffles are the same as chaffles! To make a basic chaffle recipe, you need eggs and shredded cheese. 
    To make chaffles, Mix some simple ingredients and cook in a waffle maker. 
    Chaffle is a low carbohydrate bread option. You can make sandwiches, cakes, breakfast and more! 
    Here are lots of great chaffle recipes you love! These are all tried and tested recipes and you can't live without them! You will be very grateful for it! No more burgers or sandwiches without bread! 
    Brace up and get ready as you evolve in the world of chaffle and waffles. 
    This book covers the following topics:✅ Breakfast & Brunch✅ Basic Chaffles✅ Cake Chaffles✅ Lunch & Dinner✅ Dessert✅ Snacks✅ Other Keto Chaffles Recipes and much more!!! 
    Most importantly, if you are using waffles as a sandwich shell, the sandwich stuffing will be the star of the show. These flavors are located at the front and center, and the chaffle flavors are located at the rear seats. Does it make sense. The mileage of the chaffle may vary, but one point of consensus lies in the equipment you choose. The Dash Mini Waffle Maker, for only $ 9.99 on Amazon, was recommended in Cat Doss's original video. Because chaffle fever is so serious, some people actually upload UPS videos and distribute Dash Mini Waffle Makers. 
    ⚠️What are you waiting for? Don’t wait anymore, press the buy now button and get started.⚠️
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  • 5-Ingredient Cookbook - Easy and Delicious Recipes for A Healthy Keto Diet Electric Pressure and Slow Cooker Meal Preps Included to Make Fat Loss Simple and Fun - cover

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    Are you wondering why you can't lose weight? 
     Have you tried many diets but never got the results you want? 
    Are you looking for a audio-cookbook with dozens of delicious dishes that at the same time allow you to keep your body weight under control? 
    A ketogenic diet is distinctive from all the other health-oriented diets for several reasons. Firstly, it fully restricts the consumption of carbohydrates in the diet. It points out carbs as enemies of good health and active metabolism. Not only it restricts the intake but also set a standard formula to limit the number of carbohydrates taken per meal. The diet is not only restrictive in essence, but also suggestive. It promotes the use of good quality fats in food products. If it restricts carbs for one reason, it provides a rather healthy alternative.  
    The ketogenic diet works progressively to reveal its results and effects on human health. It does not restrict the overall consumption of food and its amount per meal, but it focuses on the prohibition of certain macronutrients like carbohydrates. Ketogenic diet prescribes several alternatives to high carb food. Due to excess research in this field and increased demand, the food industry has been able to produce keto friendly products.  
    Ingredients for keto foods are easy to find, they are only 5 or less, and the recipes are easy to make.  
    You don't have to stress yourself any longer, all in the name of losing weight. The awesome part of all these is that keto friendly diets are tasteful to the taste buds. You don't have to sacrifice your love for sweet things on the altar of eating healthily. 
    Find out how easy it is to prepare delicious dishes with this audio-cookbook in just 30 minutes. 
    You'll surprise yourself and your guests! 
    Buy this Audio-Cookbook now!
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