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From Crook to Cook - Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen - cover

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From Crook to Cook - Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen

Snoop Dogg

Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC

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Welcome to tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen 
The first cookbook and recipe book from Tha Dogg: You've seen Snoop work his culinary magic on VH1's Emmy-nominated Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, and now, Tha Dogg's up in your kitchen...with his first cookbook. 
Recipe book that delivers 50 recipes straight from Snoop's own collection: Snoop's cookbook features OG staples like Baked Mac & Cheese and Fried Bologna Sandwiches with Chips, and new takes on classic weeknight faves like Soft Flour Tacos and Easy Orange Chicken. And it don't stop...Snoop's giving a taste of the high life with remixes on upper echelon fare such as Lobster Thermidor and Filet Mignon. But we gotta keep it G with those favorite munchies too, ya know? From chewy Starbursts to those glorious Frito BBQ Twists, you should have an arsenal of snacks that'll satisfy. And of course, no party is complete without that Gin and Juice and other platinum ways to entertain. 
If you're a fan of celebrity cookbooks such as Bob's Burgers, Magnolia Table Cookbook, Margaritaville cookbook, or the Gilmore Girls Eat Like a Gilmore; the Doggfather's got you covered – complete with epic stories and behind-the-scenes photos that bring his masterpieces to life.

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  • Life Kitchen - Quick easy mouth-watering recipes to revive the joy of eating - cover

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    'Life Kitchen is a celebration of food' Lauren, Sunderland 
    'The recipes are just really simple, really easy and delicious' Carolyn, Newcastle 
    'His book is better than a bunch of flowers because it's going to last forever' Gillian, Sunderland 
    Ryan Riley was just eighteen years old when his mum, Krista, was diagnosed with cancer. He saw first-hand the effect of her treatment but one of the most difficult things he experienced was seeing her lose her ability to enjoy food.   
    Two years after her diagnosis, Ryan's mother died from her illness. 
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    Carbonara with peas & mint 
    Parmesan cod with salt & vinegar cucumber 
    Roasted harissa salmon with fennel salad 
    Miso white chocolate with frozen berries 
    With an introduction from UCL's taste and flavour expert Professor Barry Smith, this inspiring cookbook focusses on the simple, life-enriching pleasure of eating, for everyone living with cancer and their friends and family too. 
    'This book is a life changer: this is not gush, but a statement of fact' Nigella Lawson
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