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Can You Be Happy for 100 Days in a Row? - The #100HappyDays Challenge - cover

Can You Be Happy for 100 Days in a Row? - The #100HappyDays Challenge

Dmitry Golubnichy

Publisher: Artisan

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The #100HappyDays challenge—Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?—is a viral online movement that has had more than 8 million participants since its launch in 2013. Those who have completed the challenge have found that spending 100 days intentionally finding or creating a happy moment each day—whether through trying something new or just seeing their daily life in a new way—added up to long-lasting feelings of optimism, gratitude, and satisfaction that far exceeded the sums of their parts. This daily guide will help readers find happiness in their everyday lives and complete the #100HappyDays challenge. The 100 directives, big and small, will inspire the reader to take action (“Compliment a stranger,” “Hike to a scenic spot,” “Be the first to apologize”), with text explaining both why the action contributes to happiness and how best to implement it. Sprinkled throughout are essays that delve into the science of happiness on topics ranging from meditation to music therapy to physical activity.

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    Mick Fincher has a surprise coming. He’s to be sissified, primped and preened and hypnotised into becoming a beautiful, obedient she-male slave. 
    His wife and stunning Dominatrix Bernadette decide enough is enough when Mick loses his job and becomes a burden. They hatch a plan to trap him in a web of femininity, which will ultimately end in him working as the perfect sissy secretary to Mistress Bernadette. Before he knows it, Mick has become Michelle who likes nothing more than wearing her sexiest lingerie and driving all the men wild.
    The Feminisation of Mickey by erotic author Emma LaVerne is a tour de force of sissification, female domination, corporal punishment and ultimate sissy heaven that dommes, doms and subs will all enjoy.
    Length: 35,000 words/ 90 pages
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  • Stoicism - Blissful Living #3 - cover

    Stoicism - Blissful Living #3

    Anthony Wright

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    Can´t control your emotions? 
    Think before you act.  
    You are ruled by your emotions. 
    Wouldn't it be nice to find a way to control how you feel? 
    Emotions are part of who we are, we can't make them disappear. But there´s a way to keep them in check.  
    Intense emotions can undermine a person’s capacity for rational decision-making, even when the individual is aware of the need to make careful decisions.   
    Here's some of what you can expect to learn inside the pages of this book:The value of "honesty".Revenge is not the answer.MindfulnessEasy to follow daily exercises.Discover a new way to live in peace. 
    Take the first step towards a journey of self-discovery and blissfulness. 
    Life is too short. 
    Enjoy every second of it! 
    Scroll back up and read the question again. Now imagine that in the near future the only answer to this question will be "yes, I can".
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  • Better Sex Initiative - cover

    Better Sex Initiative

    Kathrin Pissinger

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    So it has come to this. You're desperate enough to turn to the lesbians for advice...
    Well, you might have thought: Hey, they're women who fuck women, so they should know everything about what women like, right?
    So fear not, my clueless friend, help is afoot. For within these pages you will find the secrets to everlasting sexual bliss, love and a grand, pussy-filled life.
    It also contains light doses of Heavy Metal, a random Coldplay reference, Stephen King and a lot of dirty words. If any of these things will give you a rash, you might want to look for a different book.
    So. Prick your ears and steer your prick, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once.
    Ready? Let's begin!
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  • The Honest Life - Living Naturally and True to You - cover

    The Honest Life - Living...

    Jessica Alba

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    As a new mom, Jessica Alba wanted to create the safest, healthiest environment for her family. But she was frustrated by the lack of trustworthy information on how to live healthier and cleaner--delivered in a way that a busy mom could act on without going to extremes. In 2012, with serial entrepreneur Brian Lee and environmental advocate Christopher Gavigan, she launched The Honest Company, a brand where parents can find reliable information and products that are safe, stylish, and affordable. The Honest Life shares the insights and strategies she gathered along the way.
    The Honest Life recounts Alba's personal journey of discovery and reveals her tips for making healthy living fun, real, and stylish, while offering a candid look inside her home and daily life. She shares strategies for maintaining a clean diet (with favorite family-friendly recipes) and embraces nontoxic choices at home and provides eco-friendly decor tips to fit any budget. Alba also discusses cultivating a daily eco beauty routine, finding one's personal style without resorting to yoga pants, and engaging in fun, hands-on activities with kids. Her solutions are easy, chic, and down-to-earth: they're honest. And discovering everyday ways to live naturally and authentically--true to you--could be honestly life-changing.
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  • Alternative and Non-Prescription Medicines - A Practical Guide - cover

    Alternative and Non-Prescription...

    Christina Bunce

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    Drugs have played a major role in medical treatment for thousands of years. Most of us have taken, or will take, medicines at some time in our lives to cure, prevent, delay or mask the symptoms of ill health.
    Alternative & Non-Prescription Medicines is an invaluable consumers' guide to over-the-counter medicines, and covers a huge range of ailments and complaints.
    Clear and simple to use, it provides information about many of the best remedies commonly prescribed for both adults and children. It offers a range of conventional and alternative approaches to treating many common conditions. It also looks at the known and possible side effects and uses for the medicines most frequently taken at home.
    It is an ideal book to help you to use medicines cautiously and wisely to gain maximum benefit from them.
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  • Restraint and The Art of Bondage - An Xcite Guide to Sexy Fun - cover

    Restraint and The Art of Bondage...

    Aishling Morgan

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    This series is about pleasure; joyful, liberated, sexual pleasure. User-friendly - it's designed for the curious amateur. It's about pleasures that go beyond what most people are used to, and beyond what is generally accepted as mainstream, not just sex, but naughty sex, the kind of sex that involves more leather than lace, more kink than kissing, that involves bound wrists and smacked bottoms.
    * User-friendly. Designed for the curious, liberated amateur
    * Playful. This is what consenting adults can do for fun.
    * Written with 25 years of experience.
    * Focussed on playing at home. You don't have to spend a lot of money or go out to clubs - perfect for the credit crunch.
    * Polysexual not excluding hetro, gay, lesbian, transgender or polyamorous people. 
    About the Author
    Aishling Morgan is one of many pseudonyms used by the world's most prolific author of erotic literature, with over one hundred published titles. Aishling also has personal experience stretching back to the 'seventies, has been involved in London's active and vibrant fetish scene for many years, enjoys tastes that cover a multitude of pleasures and leave very few avenues unexplored, and has plenty of knowledgeable friends to help fill in the gaps. Nobody could be better qualified to write this book
    WARNING: Contains sexually explicit images - 18+ content
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