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Three Men and a Bed - cover

Three Men and a Bed

Dixon Cox

Publisher: Dirty Eros

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	Jon's a happily married man, but his wife can't give him the one thing he really needs. One weekend, when she's out of town, Jon finds himself drawing to a local gay chat room, where he gets chatting to Harrison. They agree to meet up, and Jon quickly discovers what he's been missing out on for all those years!


	His soft lips felt good, and I bit them, opening them slightly so I could poke my tongue through the gap and give his mouth a thorough oral examination. It was hot, warm and wet and he was curling his tongue around mine.

	We finally pulled away from the kiss, and he moved his hand down to my sweatpants, feeling my outline through the material... getting harder and harder by the second, I could see that his was straining against the tight material of his running shorts.

	“Say, I think it’s time we got out of these clothes” said Harrison, pulling my sweatpants down...

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    Welcome to a new swinging lifestyle! 
    Jacey and Dominic have moved in and were welcomed in the neighbourhood where sharing is caring and wives swap husbands more than cups of sugar. But can their marriage survive when Jacey becomes involved with the husbands? 
    What are readers saying about Book Two of the erotic romance series, Husbands and Wives: 
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    In this sexually charged novel, we meet Maura and Sidney, a young couple going through the motions of being in love as they climb the corporate ladder at their respective jobs. Their relationship is comfortable, but lacks excitement, until one day Maura comes home early and catches Sidney having sex with a man. Maura's reaction may surprise you as her emotions, fears, and repressed desires pull her into a very unusual arrangement. 
    An Excerpt: 
    Chapter 7 Curses 
    A man is coming to look at the refrigerator. I won’t be able to make it home in time. Is there any way you can get off early and meet him? 
    Maura looked at Sidney’s latest text message. She imagined how Flora the Admin Assistant in her office might have answered if Sidney had been her husband: 
    “You ain’t been having no trouble meeting a man after work. What’s the problem now?…Tell your mama to meet him…” 
    But, Maura didn’t want to give Sidney the pleasure of receiving any catty remarks from her. Anyone with sense knows there’s a lot to be read between the lines of catty remarks. It leaves a door open for hope and reconciliation. Sassiness tells a man a woman’s heart is still in his hands. Maura did not want to convey anything to Sidney. She debated whether to answer him at all, lest he construe a message from her as an olive branch. It had been ten weeks since she spoke to him and by now she felt at home living amongst her clothes on hangers in the living room. Maura had literally turned the room into a huge walk-in closet. Restaurant food and Chinese take-out nourished her body. She kept bottled water in an ice chest. A cheap microwave sufficed if she needed anything warmed. She placed it atop a wrought iron shelf Sidney had picked up from an antique store. She contemplated buying a mini refrigerator for the room and sitting Sidney’s African stool on top of it—anything to insult Sidney’s sense of beauty and order. 
    Maura was glad she wasn’t bothered with any of his Friday night business. Her hand had become very familiar with her clitoris. Being separated from Sidney by a few feet had liberated her. And she had Sidney's man Cornrows in her fantasies. Maura's trashing of Sidney’s living room and sharing his man, if only in her head, was much better than any separation. She was prepared to go on like this the rest of her life if she had to. She felt such a life was safe and secure. 
    “Yes I still live in our house, but my heart is so far gone, I might as well be living in China.” 
    That would quieten the women in her office. They had to throw a man out to punish him for his sins. She had come up with a better punishment for Sidney. She lived right under his nose and yet denied him any access.
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    The unthinkable has happened. A child is snatched out of her bed while in the care of her free-spirited grandparents, Pamela and Steve North, who are occupied downstairs hosting a swingers' party in their garage. Although a neighbor-Tom Nealy, who is middle-aged, divorced, reclusive and has thousands of images of child pornography on his computer-turns out to be the prime suspect, new information eventually surfaces indicating that another person, driven by a different kind of lust, may have also had a hand in the kidnapping. 
    Even without a body but with other, hard evidence against Nealy, the police arrest him and believe they have an open and shut case. But another, seemingly unrelated event-the disappearance of a multimillionaire financier whose dead son had ties to the missing girl's mother-ultimately forces the police to look for a connection between the two cases. 
    While the grandparents vehemently downplay their lifestyle as a contributing factor in their grandchild's abduction, massive searches and a substantial monetary reward produce nothing. Then, a jogger discovers the decomposing body of a little girl in a nearby suburban canyon. Is it the North girl or is it another unfortunate child who met with foul play?
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    Warning: this book contains m-preg.
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  • She Put Him In My Butt - cover

    She Put Him In My Butt

    Nicki Menage

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    A threesome with my housemates Krystal and Lance Collingwood was sinful enough, but when Krystal takes control of Lance’s length and decides it’s going straight into my butt things get a whole lot naughtier.
    I've never had anything that big in there before!  Read how we enjoy a kinky triple tryst in this threesome fantasy.
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  • Sizzling Historical Romance MEGA Bundle - 8 In 1 - cover

    Sizzling Historical Romance MEGA...

    Elle London

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    Included in this bundle are the following ADULT titles:
    Broken In Public By The Pharaoh
    Barebacked By The Emperor
    Dominated By Hercules
    Knocked Up By The Duke
    The Pharaoh's Plaything
    The Duke's Submissive Mistress
    The Pirate's Willing Whore
    Impregnated By The Pharaoh
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