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How to Potty Train a Puppy in 7 Days or Less! The Best Beginner's Guide to House Training Your Pup Quickly and Easily - cover

How to Potty Train a Puppy in 7 Days or Less! The Best Beginner's Guide to House Training Your Pup Quickly and Easily

Dennis Mitchell

Publisher: Publishdrive

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House Training Done Right
Trying to housebreak your new best friend can be a terrifying time of smelly messes and constant frustration. Fortunately, with the advice in this book, you can use your dog's own nature to train him successfully, easily and without ever raising your voice.
Dogs don’t want to make a mess inside the house – it goes against their nature. Dogs are also eager to please their pack leader, which is you. These are the only two pieces of information you’ll need to house train your dog in seven days, and in this book we are going to show you how.
There are so many mistakes a new dog owner can make. Punishments, paper training, using treats in place of praise – the list could go on. This book will help you avoid them all and show you that house training a dog of any age is so much simpler than you thought.
Tune in to His Natural Instincts
Some new dog owners assume their pup will happily do his business anywhere, at any time, on any carpet or bed cover. In this book, you’ll discover that this couldn’t be further from the truth, and you’ll find out what natural instincts urge him to find a place away from his home to get rid of his waste.
Become His Pack Leader
Being a pack leader might sound like a foreign concept, but it’s really just another name for a dog owner. As far as your pup is concerned, you are the alpha from whom all instruction must come, so it’s your job to fill that role well. In this book, discover how traits such as empathy and consistency will make you the ideal pack leader for your furry friend.
Take the First Step – Find Out More
This book contains information about your dog that will help you understand his needs during potty training, such as:
• The frequency your pup will need to visit his potty spot
• The best age for house breaking (and what’s different about house breaking an adult dog)
• How your dog responds to discipline and positive reinforcement
Use Crate Training to Give Your Pup His Own Safe Space
Using a crate to give your dog a place of his own where he can relax and rest without stress is not only kind on his nerves, but also helps you instill those potty training lessons. You’ll learn:
• How to pick the ideal crate to make sure your pup is comfortable and happy
• How to introduce your pup to his crate
• How to use the crate for potty training both in the home and while you’re away
Establish a Routine That Will Last a Lifetime
The first seven days after you bring your pup home will require constant vigilance and patience, but that week is going to fly by much faster than you expect. By the end of it, you will have a dog who is content in his routine and happy to follow your rules. He will be happy, you will be happy and your floor will be pristine!
Take Charge of Your Pup’s Training Right From the Start
A house trained dog is not just less likely to have an accident, he is also a happy dog who can be trained in many different ways. All it takes is a little bit of discipline right from the start. In this book, you’ll learn:
• How to set up a designated potty spot
• How to train your dog to walk on a leash
• What to do if your dog is still having accidents.
Find Out Right Now How to House Train Your Dog in Just Seven Days
Reading this book will give you all the information you need to teach your furry friend to do his business in the right place.
That's right, you too can potty train your dog in 7 days. 
Grab your copy and get started right away!
Available since: 12/16/2021.

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