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What a Wolf Wants - cover

What a Wolf Wants

Delilah Devlin

Publisher: HarperCollins e-books

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Dani's dreams are anything but restful. Each night, a wolf waits in the moonlight to lead her into the forest for a rendezvous with a mysterious man. Like a choreographed dance, they repeat the same words, the same actions, which lead inevitably to a sensual frenzy that ends too soon. Tonight, Dani's determined to change the course of her dream, slow the pace and find the rapture she's sure awaits her…

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  • Justine - or The Misfortunes of Virtue - cover

    Justine - or The Misfortunes of...

    Sade de

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    The Wordsworth Erotica Collection includes some of
    the finest Victorian and Edwardian examples of the genre.
    About this book:
    Justine, the most celebrated
    of the novels of the Marquis de Sade, was written in three versions. This
    translation is taken from the first version- and unlike the other two is a gem
    of eighteenth century literature. Widely execrated by de Sade's contemporaries and
    by modern Mrs Grundys, it is an innovative novel of considerable novel of
    considerable depth and psychological insight.
    Deserted by her father on his bankruptcy, and the
    subsequent death of her mother, the virtuous Justine is thrown onto her own resources.
    As she makes her way in the world she is subjected to the most frightful
    humiliations- flogging, rape and forced labour, which lead her to believe that
    virtue is not its own reward.
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  • Captive - cover


    Brenda Joyce

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    "The haunting song of a distant era calls the beautiful graduate student to her subject, the enigmatic Captain Blackwell. 
    Across the centuries, she is drawn by an inexplicable passion into a realm of mystery and danger--to be imprisioned in an opulent world of harem intrigue and sensuous slavery. 
    And now Blackwell is with her--patriot, privateer, heroic commander of the U.S. merchantman the Pearl--the dream, the desire made achingly real. Imperiled captives of fate, they are united by a power far greater than time--and by a passion that could destroy them both . . . or forever change the course of history.
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  • You Belong to Me - cover

    You Belong to Me

    Johanna Lindsey

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    In all the world, no man exists who can tame Alexandra Rubilov. A fiery and beautiful free-thinker, Alex's steadfast refusal to marry has frustrated her hapless father. And so he creates a "long-forgotten" agreement and sends his rebellious daughter away,  ly maintaining that Alexandra has been promised since childhood to the handsome, insufferable libertine whom she must now accompany to his homeland to wed.  
     Dismayed to find himself suddenly engaged, Count Vasili Petroff plans to repulse his unwanted fiancee by acting the perfect cad, unaware that wily Alexandra plans to follow a similar path. But the road to deception is a rocky one and its many unexpected turns can lead two reluctant companions to a most unanticipated destination: that place called passionate love.
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  • Tales of the Abducted Princess - Adult Romance - cover

    Tales of the Abducted Princess -...

    Allan J. Lewis

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     Jean is a headstrong nineteen-year-old girl that knows what she wants, and that is to marry Joe the Blacksmith, he keeps saying he is too old for her that he is old enough to be her father. But his age doesn’t worry Jean especially after she had wormed her way into his bed and found out what a good lover he was. Jean finds loads of other men to satisfy her lust as she tells Joe about them just to tease him.
    Joe had promised Jean’s father he would bring Jean up as best as he could when he and his wife were handed Jean to them as a baby. Joe’s wife died and Joe struggled to bring Jean up on his own as a travelling blacksmith going from village to village in a caravan, he tried not to fall in love with Jean but he failed all too easily. Joe has a big secret to tell Jean, and he was sure she would hate him when she finds out, and the king would have him hanged for his relationship with Jean.
    Tale of the Abducted Princess is an Adult Romance set in England in the 1060s when there was a lot of unrest in England. Jean has been brought up more like a boy as Joe taught her to hunt with the bow and arrow, he taught her so well that she became a huntress. Follow Jean as she hops in and out of bed with the king’s soldiers and discovers a plot to kill a member of the royal family. Will, she catches the two assassins in time and will she forgive Joe.
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  • Venus in Furs - cover

    Venus in Furs

    Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

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    The framing story concerns a man who dreams of speaking to Venus about love while she wears furs. The unnamed narrator tells his dreams to a friend, Severin, who tells him how to break him of his fascination with cruel women by reading a manuscript, Memoirs of a Supersensual Man. 
    This manuscript tells of a man, Severin von Kusiemski, so infatuated with a woman, Wanda von Dunajew, that he requests to be treated as her slave, and encourages her to treat him in progressively more degrading ways. At first Wanda does not understand or relate to the request, but after humouring Severin a bit she finds the advantages of the method to be interesting and enthusiastically embraces the idea; though at the same time, she disdains Severin for allowing her to do so. (Summary from Wikipedia)
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  • McCall - cover


    Patricia Evans Jordan

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    Sara Brighton is a quickly rising culinary star in Savannah after Food 
    & Wine magazine named her restaurant Best New Restaurant of the 
    South, until it burns to the ground in an accident and she impulsively 
    packs her truck and heads for McCall, Idaho, the last place she 
    remembers being truly happy.
    Sam Draper, head of the Lake Patrol 
    division of the McCall PD, knows the last thing she needs is another 
    entitled tourist making her life difficult on the water. However, after 
    Sara surprises her by helping her avoid a near professional disaster, 
    Sam teaches her to drive a boat. The chemistry between them is hot and 
    instant, and as the summer heats up, Sam finds herself fall-ing in love 
    until Sara buys her late father’s iconic diner and turns it into the 
    newest hotspot for pretentious culinary tourists. 
    Can the love Sam and Sara found on the water survive the lingering ghosts waiting for them back on dry land?
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