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Chakra Foods for Optimum Health - A Guide to the Foods That Can Improve Your Energy Inspire Creative Changes Open Your Heart and Heal Body Mind and Spirit - cover

Chakra Foods for Optimum Health - A Guide to the Foods That Can Improve Your Energy Inspire Creative Changes Open Your Heart and Heal Body Mind and Spirit

Deanna M. Minich

Publisher: Conari Press

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Rejuvenate your body and spirit with this cookbook and food guide that combines nutritional information with the wisdom of the chakras.   Nutritionist and yoga practitioner Deanna Minich's Chakra Foods for Optimum Health will teach you how to recover from emotional and physical woes by choosing the right food and preparing them with delicious, healing recipes. Her unique approach looks at both the nutritional and spiritual aspects of different foods, revealing how they relate to the chakras of the body. For each of the chakras, specific affirmations and other practices are offered alongside meal plans. In this book, you will find: ·       Specific foods and practices that can help with each chakra ·       Lists, charts, and diagrams to help you easily pinpoint what you need ·       Clearly, practical information that you can implement in your life today
Available since: 03/01/2009.
Print length: 265 pages.

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    With this audiobook, you’ll find that your world will never be the same again once you start working on your Vishuddha. You’ll take charge of your own voice and use it with a boldness you could never imagine. 
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    With a healthy dose of humor and practical advice, you'll learn to silence your inner critic, challenge negative self-talk, and embrace vulnerability. And you'll gain the confidence to pursue your dreams, share your thoughts, and celebrate your achievements. 
    If you're tired of feeling like a fraud, join Christee Atwood in this short course where we'll rewrite the narrative of Imposter Syndrome and unmask your true potential.
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  • Erase Negative Karma Sleep Hypnosis - cover

    Erase Negative Karma Sleep Hypnosis

    Sleepy Voices

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    Fed up with feeling stuck in a cycle of negativity? Yearning for a way to reset, refresh, and move forward unburdened? Find your solution with this powerful audiobook. 
    Utilizing the transformative power of hypnosis, this guide provides calming, restful audio sessions designed to penetrate your subconscious, dissolving negative karmic ties as you sleep. This process empowers you to let go of past negativity, freeing you to embrace a future of positive possibilities. 
    This is not about quick fixes or superficial solutions. It's about deep, enduring transformation, helping you shift your mindset and release burdensome karma that may be holding you back. As you engage with the hypnotic audio, your mind adopts these new perspectives, replacing negativity with positivity. 
    Imagine waking up feeling lighter, freer, and filled with positive energy. Envision a life where you're no longer tethered by negative karma, able to navigate your journey with positivity and confidence. 
    Are you ready to dissolve negative karma, embrace positivity, and unleash a brighter future? Your pathway to profound transformation is just an audiobook away. Harness the power of sleep hypnosis and awaken to a new, unburdened you.
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