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A Beginner’s Guide to Using Pendulum Dowsing For Everyday Divination - cover

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A Beginner’s Guide to Using Pendulum Dowsing For Everyday Divination

Dayanara Blue Star

Publisher: Dayanara Blue Star

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Pendulum divination, also known as dowsing, is the means of answering questions and determining outcomes by using a pendulum. This has been performed for thousands of years by scientists, shamans, spiritual and cultural leaders, midwives, and everyday people as a way of gaining knowledge. Pendulum divination is a way of creating a deeper relationship with one’s intuition, and allowing a person to gain new perspectives by unlocking the possibly inhibited feelings contained within their subconscious. It is a way of translating subconscious feelings and thoughts into a physical motion that can be read with both the physical eyes and interpreted by the mind’s eye. It is a fun and relaxing way to get to know yourself and gain personal introspection. After you have learned and studied dowsing, you can perform pendulum divinations for friends as well, providing them with another way to gain insight into their own lives. 
Pendulum divination and dowsing should only be used for positive purposes, and never to promote negativity or harm. Dowsing should be performed with a mind free from the confines of skepticism, stress, or preconceived expectations. It is not fortune telling or predicting the future, rather, it is a means of relaying information contained within the subconscious or from the vibrational energy of the universe. 
Take advantage of this great opportunity and take your magickal journey to the next level by learning how to use pendulum dowsing for everyday divination. Enjoy!
Available since: 10/21/2017.

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    Inside you will find: 
    Over 70 recipes to get you started which include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts. You can choose from poultry, pork, beef options, and much - much more. Each one will provide you with the net carbs, protein, total fats, and calories so you can maintain your ketosis balance for the chosen intermittent method you choose. 
    If you want a sneak peek; here are just a few to tempt your taste buds: 
    ●      Raspberry Breakfast Pudding Bowl 
    ●      Overnight Chocolate Oats 
    ●      Roasted Leg Of Lamb 
    ●      Coleslaw Stuffed Wraps 
    ●      Broccoli & Cheese Soup 
    ●      Creamy Basil Baked Sausage 
    ●      Pumpkin Bread 
    The great part about this guideline is that there is no need to wait! Add this selection to your personal cooking library right now and start enjoying your new way of life!
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    Lose weight now and start eating delicious meals every day. Make your keto life easy and not a difficult path you need to follow. 
    Don't eat bad tasting meals anymore! Get the best Keto Meals Today!
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  • Enoch and the Return of the Gods - cover

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    Who Was Enoch and Did He Speak the Language of Extraterrestrials?   The bestselling author of Chariots of the Gods, Erich von Däniken, examines the great traditions of mankind—thousands of years old—for signs, traces, messages that point to early contact with extraterrestrial intelligences. The Gods were here. But when will they return? Or have they ever really left?   The culmination of long-term research, Enoch and the Return of the Gods argues that we are very much in the minds and eyes of other cosmic life-forms and that, as a result, many of the dramatic historical events and remarkable teachings of religious texts should be reinterpreted. The words of the Bible are at the center of his text-critical interpretations that pick apart the sense and nonsense of religious views. He also draws on ancient Jewish sagas and legends, reports from early historians, and Indian, Babylonian, and Persian traditions.   As always, von Däniken finds support for a number of interesting questions:  Did Adam and Eve witness a UFO?  What will Judgment Day truly be?  Why did extraterrestrials tinker with humanity’s DNA?    The Gods were here, and it is clear their influence remains to this day.   This book was first published in 1998 under the title The Return of the Gods. This new edition features a new introduction by the author.
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