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The Beginner's Guide to American History - Illustrated Edition: Columbus John Cabot Henry Hudson King Philip William Penn Benjamin Franklin George Washington Thomas Jefferson Abraham Lincoln - cover

The Beginner's Guide to American History - Illustrated Edition: Columbus John Cabot Henry Hudson King Philip William Penn Benjamin Franklin George Washington Thomas Jefferson Abraham Lincoln

David Henry Montgomery

Publisher: Madison & Adams Press

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Object of this book is to present clearly and accurately facts and principles in the lives of some of the chief founders and builders of America which would be of interest for everyone interested in history. 
John and Sebastian Cabot    
Balboa, Ponce De Leon, and De Soto    
Sir Walter Raleigh    
Captain John Smith    
Captain Henry Hudson    
Captain Myles Standish    
Lord Baltimore    
Roger Williams    
King Philip    
William Penn    
General James Oglethorpe    
Benjamin Franklin    
George Washington    
Daniel Boone    
General James Robertson    
Governor John Sevier    
General George Rogers Clark    
General Rufus Putnam    
Eli Whitney    
Thomas Jefferson    
Robert Fulton    
General William Henry Harrison    
General Andrew Jackson    
Professor Samuel F. B. Morse    
General Sam Houston    
Captain Robert Gray    
Captain J. A. Sutter    
Abraham Lincoln

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