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Tomorrow's World Order - cover

Tomorrow's World Order

David Gomadza

Publisher: Touchladybirdlucky Studios

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Tomorrow’s World Order [TWO] is a powerful global world leader to act as an overseer and leader in guiding humanity to the next stage of development through effective laws, clearly defined methods and through the provision of a platform to see that through. We are sovereign in our own right as we are independent of any nation and do not belong to any nation, institution or cult, nor do we represent any nation. We have rights to write our own laws and print our own currency and can enforce our laws which are to be followed and adhered to by everyone. Laws that are universal and meant for all mankind and as such laws that MUST be acknowledged and observed by all mankind. We are a global phenomenon to lead mankind out of the defensive stages towards networking and cooperation as nature intended. We strongly believe that mankind has failed. The current system has crashed and now not fit for purpose and we are here to lead mankind out of the defensive stages simply because for the past seventy years global issues have worsened with global debt in excess of $244 trillion, with all recent financial crises, poverty, unemployment, climatic change, wars and political instability and all issues to do with inadequate global finances. We strongly believe that the current system has crashed and as such only a new system will ultimately solve today’s global problems hence the rise of Tomorrow’s World Order. We are here to guide mankind and act as overseer to lay the correct path for mankind to take in order to solve all current and future global problems. For the past 2000 years, mankind has been stuck in the defensive stages where defense plays a key role in whatever mankind does. Where $1.7 trillion is plowed yearly globally into defense, making weapons and relying on weapons and defense as the drivers of the economy. This has meant mankind opting for the cheaper ways of doing things yet the most destructive ones; killing innocent women and children in the process, making cheaper weapons and using these to get the most expensive resources he can’t afford. We strongly think this is not only barbaric but shows that mankind has failed to think out of the box. We as a people are operating below our potential. Mankind’s current system is very wasteful, with $trillion globally plowed into weapons manufacturing and the military at the expense of other areas. Humanity is changing nevertheless at a slow pace and everyone has now realized that we all ought to be networking and cooperating and working towards becoming friends for global peace’s sake. Yet mankind still manufactures weapons and invests heavily in the military when the world is moving toward global peace. Who are we going to use the weapons on especially when sworn enemies like the USA and North Korea are now in talking terms? We know the current system crashed years ago with the last financial crises, yet mankind has stuck to this system that is not fit for purpose. We have come up with a global solution to all global problems and our method will emancipate all nations and create wealth levels never witnessed before. Our system is the only answer to global problems, and we are going to take mankind to the next stage of development creating wealth never witnesses before. Our method works. We believe in national sovereignty as the answer to all global issues. Affordability and the lack of money has meant mankind making cheaper weapons and using these cheaper weapons to get the most expensive resources like oil. This has meant waging wars unnecessarily to make nationalized resources like oil available and cheaper in the process killing thousands of women and children. How can they preach about global peace as the reasons for waging wars and claim to act for global peace’s sake when they kill innocent women and children? I ask you a question; What peace? Whose peace? What about the peace of the women and children who died and are still dying because of wars, sanctions and poverty? For TWO global peace start with these. The women and children dying needlessly as your leaders wage wars, impose evil sanctions and ignore poverty warnings. Therefore, our system is there to increase national and global wealth to levels never witnessed before through printing money as the only effective and only means of guaranteeing new fresh money and a guaranteed boost of the economy the only way it is intended. We have an effective way to tackle hyperinflation. Our system is the only answer and the only way to solve global problems. Imagine a world without;
Wars as we are going to put laws that effectively ban global wars forever.
Weapons; we are going to ban weapons, manufacturing, trading and possession globally.
Fossil fuels; we believe the past wars were waged for oil resources as there were global-affordability issues. Innocent women and children have died needlessly due to oil resources and we are going to put an end to that and ban oil and make it mandatory and encourage other alternate clean, ,cheaper and affordable energy sources like electricity. All vehicles and machinery using fossils, to be banned by a certain date and phased out.
Needlessly killing of women and children banned through new laws. Brand new laws to ban and make it illegal and a crime to kill the innocent and defenseless. New laws to protect soldiers and the military personnel as well.
Laws banning sanctions globally. Sanctions and terrorists’ acts are one and the same thing you can’t ban one and allow the other as the methods and aims are the same. So, sanctions are banned globally with immediate effect.
The only way to deal with global issues is to put a Five-Year Continuous Money Printing Plan that will see increases in global wealth. Printing new fresh money is the only solution to all global issues and we have a system that works that will deal with all issues of hyperinflation etc. This is the only method that works but it’s not just a matter of printing new money we have a comprehensive system that will tackle all other issue regarding the printing of new fresh money, corruption, mismanagement, hyperinflation etc. Only our system provides concrete solutions. We mean business. Imagine a world where every nation has enough money to buy any resources at market prices.
A World Without Weapons.
A World Without Wars.
A World Without Sanctions.
A World Without Deaths of Women and Children Through Wars, Sanctions and Poverty.
A World Where We Are Networking and Cooperating.
A World Where There Are No Boundaries.
A World That Is Very Competitive and Productive.
A World Without Polluting Fossil Fuels or High Noise Vehicles.
A Clean World.
A New World Order.
A Completely New System
One That Works and Solves Issues Like Global and National Debt.
A New Beginning. A New World. A New Challenge.
I am Ready. Are You Ready?
Change Is Imminent and Inevitable!
Your Future Your Say!
A Huge Investment For You Too. Buy Our Currency. A Global Currency! A Great Investment!

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