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At the Helm: Volume 1: A Sci-Fi Bridge Anthology - At The Helm #1 - cover

At the Helm: Volume 1: A Sci-Fi Bridge Anthology - At The Helm #1

David Bruns, Rhett C. Bruno, Bob Mayer, Chris Pourteau, Daniel Arenson, M. Pax, Rachel Aukes, Jamie McFarlane, Linda Nagata, Samuel Peralta, Steve Beaulieu, Jasper T. Scott, Jennifer Foehner Wells, Robert Kroese, Jeff Carlson

Publisher: Sci-Fi Bridge

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Interstellar journeys. Epic battles. Articial Intelligence longing for meaning. Life as we know it, ending... 
Sci-Fi Bridge is thrilled to present its first collection from bestselling authors and newly emerging writers. These stories span the near and far future. They transport you to worlds unknown. They examine today's fears amid tomorrow's technologies. From the far corners of the galaxy to the inner reaches of the human heart, the exciting stories in At the Helm will thrill, inspire, and make you wonder--do humans have what it takes to build a better future? Or are we doomed by our own failings? 
Foreword by Samuel Peralta. 
"Pressure" by Jeff Carlson. First published in Strange Horizons. 
"This Long Vigil" by Rhett Bruno. First published in Perihelion Science Fiction Magazine. 
"Gao Yao Engine" by Rachel Aukes. 
"Brood Company" by Steve Beaulieu & Aaron Hall. 
"Life" by Daniel Arenson. 
"I, Caroline" by David Bruns. 
"Unconditional" by Chris Pourteau. 
"Lara QR" by Bob Mayer. 
"Carindi" by Jennifer Foehner Wells. 
"Into the Dark" by Robert Kroese. 
"Pete, Popeye and Olive" by Jamie McFarlane. 
"Codename Delphi" by Linda Nagata. First appeared in Lightspeed Magazine. 
"Patchworker" by M. Pax. 
"Dark Space: A Chance Encounter" by Jasper T. Scott. 
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