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Your Best Golf Is Waiting - The Gorilla Is Loose! - cover

Your Best Golf Is Waiting - The Gorilla Is Loose!

Dave Johnston, Jonathan Levitt

Publisher: Publishdrive

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The Gorilla is a euphemism for the natural ability every golfer discovers when they stop trying to fix their swing and just hit the damn ball!
For the once-a-week golfer, the biggest roadblock to improvement is an obsession with proper technique.
Your Best Golf Is Waiting follows the trials of a 14 handicap golfer named Randy.
Trapped in an endless cycle of fault-finding and error correction, Randy overcomes the hidden mental obstacles of traditional golf instruction and learns to trust his instinct.
If you're frustrated with inconsistency, this easy-to-read, non-technical book will help you:
.use the memories of success.
.stop beating yourself up
.discover the ability that lies beyond swing mechanics
If you ever have the feeling that your best golf is waiting, let this book be a catalyst to help you play better than you ever thought possible!
For only $2.99, what do you have to lose?

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    'I am blown away by the level of detail Phil Cavell brings to his work.' 
    Elinor Barker MBE, multiple world champion and Olympic gold medallist 
    'Phil is eminently qualified to write the Midlife Cyclist. Well, he is certainly old enough.' 
    Fabian Cancellara, Tour de France rider and two-time Olympic champion 
    'An amazing accomplishment... a simple-to-understand précis of your midlife as a cyclist – you won't want to put it down.' 
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    Time's arrow traditionally plots an incremental path into declining strength and speed for all of us. But we are different to every other generation of cyclists in human history. An ever-growing number of us are determined to scale the highest peaks of elite physical fitness into middle-age and beyond. Can the emerging medical and scientific research help us achieve the holy triumvirate of speed and health with age? 
    The Midlife Cyclist offers a gold standard road-map for the mature cyclist who aims to train, perform and even race at the highest possible level.
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    How to Coach Girls’ High School Basketball discusses improving basketball skill development with your team, including ball handling, shooting, defense, and strategy. You’ll learn the importance of encouraging bonding with your team, and why discouraging negative hierarchies among your team members will benefit the whole team. 
    Other topics covered in this book include: 
    • Illuminates the positive and negative realities of coaching girls’ basketball at the high school level. 
    • Talks about how your team should spend time not just on the court, but off court together, too. 
    • Reiterates trust in a team dynamic to create healthy relationships amongst your players, staff, etc. 
    • Communicates the significance of staying consistent with all your players, if problems ever arise. 
    • Recommends that coaches look at all angles when dealing with issues involving the team. 
    • Gives ideas for how to deal with confrontation. 
    • Describes the importance of constant learning as a coach. 
    • Illustrates the impact you could have as a coach teaching life lessons to your team. 
    About the Expert 
    Shane Reinhard graduated from Weber State University with a B.A. in Education, majoring in English and dual minoring in Physical Education and Coaching. 
    HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.
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  • What Happened to Serie A - The Rise Fall and Signs of Revival - cover

    What Happened to Serie A - The...

    Steven G. Mandis, Thomas...

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    A deep dive into Italy's storied league. "An excellent book . . . Anyone with an interest in football beyond the playing pitch will find it fascinating.” —Game of the People In the 1980s and 1990s, Serie A was known as "Il campionato più bello del mondo"—the most beautiful championship in the world—and had the highest match attendances in Europe. The stadiums were not only full of people, but full of color, flags, songs and rituals. Italy hosted World Cup 1990 and the stadia and stars on show in Serie A became iconic. Across the ten year period from 1989 to 1999 a remarkable 10 different Serie A clubs occupied nearly half the places in the finals of the Champions League and Europa Cup. They were dominant. But then in the 2000s they began to fall behind and despite the Azzurri winning the World Cup in 2006 and Inter Milan winning the Champions League in 2010, Italian football was on a downwards trajectory that saw the national team fail to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, their first absence from the tournament since 1958. What happened and why? In this extraordinary book, Steven G. Mandis investigates. Given unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to Italian clubs and key decision makers and players, Mandis is the first outside researcher to rigorously analyze both the on-the-pitch and business aspects of a club and league. What he learns is completely unexpected and challenges popular explanation and conventional wisdom.
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