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The Divine Comedy - The Vision of Hell Purgatory and Paradise - cover

The Divine Comedy - The Vision of Hell Purgatory and Paradise

Dante Alighieri

Translator Henry Francis Cary


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A unique poetic work, about which historians and critics, philosophers and even adherents of various mystical and esoteric teachings are desperately arguing about. Hell is a colossal funnel of concentric circles, the tapering end of which is adjacent to the center of the earth. Having passed the threshold of hell, in which the souls of indecisive, insignificant people dwell, they enter the first circle of hell – the limb. In the earthly paradise, Dante meets Beatrice, seated on a chariot drawn by a vulture.
Available since: 02/13/2020.
Print length: 388 pages.

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    This poem resembles urban sprawl. This poem resembles the freedom to charge a fee. The fee occurs in the gaps. It is an event. It is not without precedent. It is a moment in which you pay money. It is a tribute to freedom of choice.
    Reality is a parking lot in Qatar. Reality is an airstrip in Malawi.
    Meanwhile the expressway encloses, the expressway round and around the perimeters like wagon trains circling the bonfire, all of them, guns pointed, Busby Berkeley in the night sky.
    Echoing the pastoral and elegiac modes of the Romantic poets, whose reverence for nature never prevented them from addressing it with all the ideas and sensibilities their times allowed, Sina Queyras's stunning collection explores the infrastructures and means of modern mobility. Addressing the human project not so much as something imposed on nature but as an increasingly disturbing activity within it, Expressway exposes the paradox of modern mobility: the more roads and connections we build, the more separate we feel. 'Cleanse the doors of perception,' Blake urged, and with that in mind, Queyras has written a bravely lyrical critique of our ethical and ecological imprint, a legacy easily blamed on corporations and commerce, but one we've allowed, through our tacit acquiescence, to overwhelm us. Every brush stroke, every bolt and nut, every form and curve in our networks of oil and rubber, every thought and its material outcome – each decision can make or unmake us.
    'The works in Expressway are all so tightly wound, hyper-distilled and stressed ... This is poetry for the apocalypse.'
    —Broken Pencil
    'As a poet, Queyras is secretly romantic, writing with lyricism and a voice that's unafraid of sentiment or emotion ... Queyras' words spark like pickaxes on old asphalt.'
    — Eye Weekly
    'Queyras show[s] what poetry can do when it simultaneously maps roadways of transportation and lines of human thought.'
    'Eclectic engagements characterize Queyras’s work, but any suggestion of characterization of her work immediately brings a morphing to something new, intelligent, and provocative ... Sina Queyras is a poet to read and reckon with.'
    —Lambda Literary Review
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  • Loki Ragnarok - The Viking Armageddon retold by the trickster - cover

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    Mark Binder

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    In the shadow of prophecy, a family is torn asunder, leading to betrayal, torture, madness and revenge. 
    "Lively and entertaining tales…" – AudioFile Magazine 
    Nominated for 2019 Audie Audiobook for Best Original Work… The story Marvel and Disney don't want told…  Based on the original Norse myths, this short epic tells the story of Ragnarok from Loki's point of view. 
    "A well-told tale of the Norse Gods… Binder’s voice swoops and soars, now angry, now gleeful and now mocking, as Loki tells these stories of the gods run amok." —Providence Journal  
    Odin broke into his home and kidnapped his children. Left his wife bound and gagged on the floor, where she choked and died. He had once helped them, been their friend and blood brother. In the shadow of prophecy, a family is torn asunder, leading to betrayal, torture, madness and revenge. 
    Told with a blend of poetry and prose, humor and horror, it offers a glimmer of understanding and compassion. 
    “For nearly a thousand years, the tale of Ragnarok – the Norse myth of Apocalypse – has painted Loki as a Satan-like evil. With a fast-paced blend of prose and poetry, award-winning author Mark Binder offers an epic revision of the Eddas with modern resonance.” – Duval, Between Myth, Lies, and History 
    “Mark Binder has a knack for blending ancient mythology with modern storytelling techniques to create a vibrant and contemporary tale.”  
    Mark Binder is an award-winning author and performing storyteller. LOKI RAGNAROK is a dynamic blend of prose and poetry—a brilliant and brief comic and tragic epic. This is NOT a story for children.
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