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Blue Monday - The Expos the Dodgers and the Home Run That Changed Everything - cover

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Blue Monday - The Expos the Dodgers and the Home Run That Changed Everything

Danny Gallagher

Publisher: Dundurn

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A sports journalist tells the story of Blue Monday (October 19, 1981) — the Expos’ heartbreaking and unbelievable last-minute loss that cost them a spot in the World Series
Includes never-before-told first-person accounts from Expos and Dodgers team members who were there
Blue Monday was the highlight and lowlight of the 36 seasons the Expos played major-league baseball
The 1981 season included a 50-day strike, and was the only time the Expos made the playoffs
Author is a veteran sports writer with 45 years’ experience, looking back at a game that defined many players’ careers

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